To the Sea, again

500 metres down the road, you call to me
But I can’t go to you, so I’ve been told
Still I’ll return some day
Yes, some day I’ll return to you again

What a comfort you have been to me
In times of trouble, in moments of great pain
And to watch your colours change as day grows old
Is comfort still, but how much greater comfort would it be

To feel your sea-spray mist my eyes
To smell and taste the salt air on my tongue
For now, I wait and watch, I watch and wait for the returning tide
And I treasure every memory of pebbly sands, and sunsets
Of walking free along the boardwalk in the gusts of early spring

You have given me:
Hope, when I felt hopeless
Strength, when I felt weak
And now, the promise you will wait for me
Till I return to you

And some day soon I will return to you
Yes, soon, or even less soon (should the wait prove longer)
I’ll return
Yes I’ll return
To the wild sea
Once again

(c) 2020 All Rights Reserved.

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