Drishti: A Poem about Focus


In order to maintain focus, choose your drishti:
Hold your hands up to the sky
In mountain
Focus on your thumb
And balance: breathe
The stillness
Feel the calmness
Balance peace, release, serenity.


Focus on your browbone
Let your gaze sink back
Into skull-sockets
See the colour at the edge of light
Behind your eyelids:
Spiritual eyes open
Physical eyes closed
To glimpse the light which brings divinity.


Focus on your nose-tip
Go cross-eyed
Get dizzy
Don’t mind the disturbance
Of your each-day train of thought
It balances
It concentrates
Retrains your focus on the never-ending now.


Look out at your fingertips
In warrior
Your stance, defensive
Your limbs terse, tensed and ready
Firmly set
Yet not agressive:
Never conflict-seeking
Still determined to defend your peace of mind.


Look out to your side
In half-moon
Open up
Your arms, your heart, your senses
Feel your core
Grow stronger
Lift out from your fingertips
And shine with all the sun’s reflected light.


Look up
Straight up
Salute the rising sun
Each morning
Heralding the new day’s light
Its dawning glow
A simple welcome prayer:
Salute the sun and shine through the new day.


Greet your navel
As you curl around yourself
Remember the coil that bound you to your mother
First the coil and then the pruning cut
The life, the growth
The gradual return
It carries you
As once it brought you safe into this world.


Focus on your toe-tips
As you forward-fold
Reach down
Stretch out
And downward gaze
To gather strength
And gather new perspective:
Gather strength and grow into the world.

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  1. I miss my yoga class, but I do it at home as best I can. What I miss most is my elderly teacher’s calm and gentle voice. Luckily I can faintly hear her after years of practice with her. Thanks for talking us through this one. I may just revisit and use this one tomorrow morning!

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