Warm Saharan Winds: A Poem from Andalucía

I was feeling a bit down yesterday: I couldn’t quite put my finger on why. Maybe it’s because we’ll soon be leaving this corner of the earth (albeit for an arguably even lovelier one – more on this later). Still, there’s something special about Andalucía, the bridging point between Europe and Africa. I’ve tried to capture that essence in this poem:

Warm Saharan Winds

Warm Saharan winds 
Blow from the South in summer
Unrepentant heat; 

Warm Saharan winds 
Blew spices of Morocco
And dances
Free and wild
Into Iberia;

Warm Saharan winds
Like hot breath
On the scorched earth 
Speak of a sandstorm 
In a far-off land;

Warm Saharan winds 
In Summer blow through
All our lives
And all our doubts
And fears;

Warm Saharan winds
Which leave us sleepless through
The breathless night 
And on into the dawn, still
Too soon gone.

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19 thoughts on “Warm Saharan Winds: A Poem from Andalucía

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      1. That’s funny! Haha Ingrid… you rightly excluded that description. Though thinking back, yes – the intensity of the breezes and the dryness of heat!!!

  1. Warm Saharan winds
    Do not reach us
    in England.

    How dissappointing!


    Very evocative… now I want to come to spain! 🙂

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