Instrument: A Poem about Humility

The writer said:
‘Mine is the voice of All Men’
(As always
Leaving Women out
I note, as an aside)
He said:
‘I hear all, know all, say all,
Write all down:
My powerful words abide.’

The Actor said:
‘I’m Everyman, yes I; such is my crown’
(No place for Women neither
By the by)
He said:
‘Hear my great voice
And tremble 
At the unchecked power 
Of my speech, unbound.’

The poet said:
‘I crystalise the yearnings of your heart
Into a phrase,
Blank verse,
An elegy:
You are my muse
And I your demigod;
Do worship at the altar
Of my ageless rhyme.’

But yet, great Artists of our Time
At the closing of your day
And even at the ceasing of your heart:
You were never
The Writer
The Actor
The Poet, but
The instrument, imperfect
Of God’s perfect will
Wrought in a work of Art.

(c) 2020 All Rights Reserved.

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