Earthrise: a Poem about Meditation #poetry #published

Today’s poem has been chosen to appear in the Anthology Poetry in the Time of Coronavirus, Volume 2. I’m very proud to be part of this wonderful project, which is raising money for Doctors without Borders and Partners in Health. Copies are available from and

The Anthology contains 100 poems composed in response to the coronavirus crisis. My poem is about meditation, a practice which has helped me stay grounded whilst dealing with the challenges of quarantine:


Lie down on the ground and feel the Earthrise
With each rising of your lungs
It’s happening:
Earth’s gravity pulls us down,
Attracts us
But also
We attract the Earth;
It’s rising
Imperceptibly to greet us
All the earth
As we draw breath
Yes, as we simply breathe,
We feel the Earthrise.

Lie down at the shore and feel the Sea breathe;
The sighing, soaring sea
It breathes
Gasps heavily at times,
At times it wheezes, whips
Coughs and spits furiously
Spume upon the shore
Until it calms, it calms, and calms us:
Steady breath
Steady, periodic, regular,
Waves in motion, the returning tide
Returns us to ourselves
Who feel the Earthrise.

A poem within a poem
True delight:
Delight that comes at end of darkest night
At day’s beginning
Daylight coming,
Coming ever nearer than you think:
For all’s within
That falls within
Our hearts, our breath;
Our yearning, heaving hearts
Draw up the heavy earth
Attract the moon
And make the Earthrise.

(c) 2020 All Rights Reserved.

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  1. ‘…for all’s within / that falls within…’

    A lovely, measured rhythm throughout.
    Congratulations, Ingrid:
    deservedly so.


  2. This is beautiful! I love the word ‘earthrise’ and the way you use it in this poem to create such a peaceful feeling. I am also happy to be able to congratulate you on this publication! 🙂

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