It’s Impossible Love: A Poem

It’s impossible, Love:
You have somebody else
Though you say that you’d leave him for me;
When you think of your children
And think of yourself
Then think what a mistake that would be.

It’s impossible, Love:
I have somebody else
Though I thought I might leave him for you;
When I thought of my children
And thought of myself
Then it wasn’t a thing I could do.

It’s impossible, Love:
I’ve found somebody else

Though she isn’t the shadow of you;
She’s young and she’s pretty,
She laughs and she smiles
And she’s surely the best I can do.

It’s impossible, Love:
You’ve found somebody else
Though she isn’t the shadow of me;
She’s young and she’s pretty
She laughs and she smiles
And you surely respond happily:

It’s impossible Love,
Both by day and by night
By the light of the moon and at dawn
Still we think of each other
Whenever we might
Though it leaves us confused and forlorn:

It’s impossible Love,
In our hearts and our minds
Though there isn’t a thing we can do

When we see one another,
Like one of a kind
It’s impossible Love, but it’s true.

(c) 2020 All Rights Reserved.

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