Traffic, or ‘This One’s for You,’ a Poem

A slow uptick 
Of traffic 
Slow and steady
Somewhere far out in cyberspace

A change in my fortunes:
Somebody likes
Or maybe someone even loves
These little things I do
With woven words

And only words, though
Crafted carefully
From pain and love
And dreams
I tasted once

So very long ago it seems
For you
I write these words
Dear audience, dear friends,
And dearest muse

This quiet Friday night while glasses chink
I’ve no need to be there no more
No longer need to drink
Preferring to here to kindle
Lantern light
Internal heat

Of poetry
And send my words
Far out across the ether
Straight to you
Obliquely to you, always to you:

You who haunts my lonely nights
And shapes my dreaming days,
You who bequeathed to me 
This song of mine, this ecstasy:
This heart both lost and found
These treasured words.

© Experimentsinfiction 2020, All Rights Reserved

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