A Weathered Face Lined in Pain/Self-portrait

A ‘weathered face that’s lined in pain,’
That’s what I have now;
Thank you, Don McLean:
Now send me an artist with loving hands
To soothe it.

I have a weathered face that’s lined with pain
Which came perhaps from love, 
Or love in vain
Youth vanished almost overnight
The night I learned
I could no longer see you;

Well after all, it wasn’t right 
So why the hell
Did I feel this insistent need
To love you?
Perhaps only the worn lines of my weathered face
Can tell.

Perhaps it’s just the onset of old age
Creeping all unexpectedly 
Though I can try
To hide it with makeup
The sunk declivities still show
Within the firm foundations
Of my face, this page:

A weathered face that’s lined in pain then
There there
That’s not a reason to reject yourself;
These artist’s loving hands
Are all your own and all you own:
You write the lines
To soothe it.

© Experimentsinfiction 2020, All Rights Reserved

Self-portrait 15/07/20

I hope you enjoyed this poem. I’ve been through lots of changes, many ups and downs recently, and I do feel that this has aged me. In a world of Instagram airbrushed perfection, I wanted to post this as my version of the truth. Women are often criticised for ‘letting themselves go’ as if they suddenly decide to abandon their youth and beauty. As if youth and beauty were the only things which made their lives worthwhile.

In other news, I’m guest posting at Voyage of the Mind later today with a twisted take on a classic fairytale, ‘Red Rapunzel.’ Do check it out and tell me what you think!

9 thoughts on “A Weathered Face Lined in Pain/Self-portrait

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  1. I loved the poem!
    You are right about beauty. People think that being beautiful is the only thing worth being. But, we shouldn’t judge someone in that way. Internal beauty is what matters the most! And you are a really good person, Ingrid! I love you for that!

  2. You are beautiful Ingrid, as is this inspiring post, as is the song you reference which I saw is a kind of tribute to Van Gogh ~

    “…Paint your palette blue and grey
    Look out on a summer’s day
    With eyes that know the darkness in my soul
    Shadows on the hills
    Sketch the trees and the daffodils…”

    You have a stunning face,
    with planes and orbs
    that have loved and remembered
    and trialed well and godly
    through this starry-night place.

      1. You are so welcome Ingrid… and yes… and ah, the joy to write and/or read those stories! ;)) xoxo 🤗💛

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