Disordered Mind/A House in Order – #Poem

I like to keep
My house in order
But I don’t
Often succeed.
Perhaps it is the mark of my
Disordered mind;

There’s so much chaos
Perhaps my answer
Is to focus on
External things:
A house in order; that’s also

A model in my mind.
I don’t achieve 
Anything like it
And I wonder
If I’m not trying to put the wrong house
In order
All the time:

The house within’s
The treasure house
The one we should take care of
Most of all
Why then have I neglected it so often
In favour of some dull
Domestic goal?

A prison:
A house in order
Void of laughter
Void of the chaos of some good old-fashioned fun
Screw you, dull model of a house in order
I’ll tidy up my mind
And all your stern admonishments
I’ll overcome.

© Experimentsinfiction 2020, All Rights Reserved

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  1. Perhaps the same can be ascribed to gardens? That they are actually a reflection of the mind. My downstair neighbour has ‘created’ what he originally described as ‘a meadow garden.’ However, in comparison to every other nice and tidy front garden in the street it is a bizarre nightmare area consisting of a hoary old thistle as centrepiece, withered fauna, some random discard furniture, several metres of faux-grass mats barely camouflaging the dirt and mixing vaguely with the scraps of real, and knee-high, grass. There is a table and two living room chairs, rain-rotted, and a bedside table with a chessboard gaffe taped to it. Also a moth trap. Toads lurk at the edge of a quagmire pond: BEWARE!

    I quite like it.

    (Ps. Great photo to accompany a great and thoughtful poem, Ingrid)

  2. Dear Ingrid, I tried to post this comment yesterday, but was unable. Some wp glitch or something (just a heads up in case maybe it seemed that no one was commenting. same thing on your other posts since I tried there also). Anyway… Great poem!! I can relate so much. I agree with it too. One of the first pieces I ever published on another blog was actually something on the same principle. Having an imperfect house allows all of its participants time to love and create!! Beautiful work. 💛

    1. Thank you so much Lia! When I think of all the times I could’ve ignored the housework to write poetry…I would have a few volumes by now! But the important thing is to realise what’s more important 🤩

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