Hiroshima-Nagasaki 75 Years On

6 August, 1945
A flash, a bang
And 80,000 lives 
Obliterated: vanished without trace
Or leaving a shadow-imprint on still-standing walls.
A few more hundred metres out 
Half-dead survivors 
Skin hanging from their flesh, blinded and poisoned: 
Better to have departed with the 80,000
Than to die a slow, lingering death.
Then came the cancers
The tortured memories of the survivors 
The bereaved.

3 days later
74,000 more lives lost in a flash
Thousands more half-dead
More still set to endure a living death.
The Bomb itself now almost
Out of living memory
It’s brave survivors strain
With every breath of life left in them to impart their tale:
When they are gone
Do we thank God the memory of the Bomb is over
And leave it behind?
Or do we test it out again
For old times sake
And see what happens?

© Experimentsinfiction 2020, All Rights Reserved

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15 thoughts on “Hiroshima-Nagasaki 75 Years On

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  1. Devastating yet sadly pivotal in the end of a war to end all wars, yet wars still battle around us! Go figure! The nuclear age has shaped these last 25 years and influenced politics and paranoia alike.

    Great post Ingrid.

  2. Wow, It’s a powerful reminder of what humanity has done to each other. I hope we find a way to co-exist before we destroy our world for good.

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