A Sailor of Sorts – #poem #dVerse

I’ve always felt at home upon the sea
More so than on land
Even in a storm 
Much more like life to me
The roaring waves
Beyond the shifting sand:

A wilderness unbound by borders
Here where all lands end;
Here where there be 
Dragons, regions uncharted, and
Beyond it all, below – the Underworld 

Past Scylla and Charybdis I have sailed
On into the Bermuda Triangle 
My trim was off, mists grew
My compass failed
But still I made it through all-but unscathed

Tsunamis I have surfed, but none so harsh
As they could drown me; 
I was made for this
Like many a woman before me
Whose fate was sealed: to stand, to wait and wish

For creatures of ill-omen women we
Were once believed
By mariners to be, or
Lusty sirens luring them
To sleep eternal deep beneath the sea

But I don’t fear opinions of men,
Or anyone
Who would keep me ashore
I’ve built a boat that’s all my own;
With sails for wings I’ll soar:

And when the sea is calm I’ll know
I’ve circumnavigated life
The cycle turned 
Full circle, brings me surely, brings me safe
If not to harbour then at least to peaceful waters, freed from strife.

Written for dVerse ‘Come Sail‘ hosted by Sarah Southwest, who called for us to write a poem inspired by boats.

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  1. And when the sea is calm I’ll know
    I’ve circumnavigated life

    I love this line – life as a journey of discovery, a sea voyage – requiring bravery and resourcefulness if we are going to navigate it successfully. Thank you for sharing this one!

  2. A very powerful self-confident poem. I was captivated by your love for the sea. Being a land lubber I can’t imagine the joy you experience. You ending was a perfect compliment to your poem.

    1. Thank you. I did study Anglo-Saxon language literature at university, a long time ago, but maybe some of that inspired me, subconsciously.

  3. It’s strange, isn’t it, that boats are always ‘she’ but women are not tolerated anywhere near them by sailors. Yet another superstition that makes women anathema. Good for you building your own boat and going to alone 🙂

    1. Yes, we were just supposed to be empty vessels waiting at home! It can’t have been much fun being a woman even a century ago, and unfortunately in many places around the world this situation still hasn’t changed 🙁

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