Synaptic Pathways: A Stream-of-Consciousness #Poem

Can you trace the neuron firing
That is thinking about 
The neuron firing?
The exact same thought
So that
You see your own thought?
And if you could, would there be some kind of
Neuronal feedback loop
Your brain
Would plain explode
Like those aliens in Mars Attacks!
When they heard Tom Jones
I know
A story about Tom Jones
I can’t repeat it here
As I might
Get sued for libel
And I don’t know for certain 
Whether it was true
‘I never thew my knickers at you’
What a crazy song lyric
But not as stupid as
‘Make hay not war’
Thank you Catatonia
For rendering my thoughts
Ridiculous as
They are.

I wrote this for dVerse Meeting the Bar hosted by Grace, who set us the task ‘write a stream of consciousness poem.’ Sometimes my thoughts come out as streams of nonsense like this!

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  1. This was a grand ride, a synaptic shivering snake of imagery, thoughts, and poetics. As an actor, I heard that Tom Jo\nes was hung like a mule .

  2. “Can you trace the neuron firing
    That is thinking about
    The neuron firing?”

    That is when I knew my brain would be going through hoops of fire before exploding completely. 😀

    I love this so much–you delineate your consciousness writing very well with your observations and humor throughout this piece. About the beginning lines, I often wonder about the context of our consciousness and subconsciousness. Where do our thoughts originate from? This is probably more related to psychology, but it is fascinating to ponder what causes us to ponder as we then ponder the origin of what we originally pondered.

    Beautiful and fascinating writing!

    1. I’m pleased you enjoyed it, Lucy. The first thought is one I’ve had often since I first saw someone having a brain scan in a documentary. So I started with that and just followed where it led. But where do the thoughts come from in the first place? God knows!

  3. This was great fun. I’d love to know more about tossed knickers and Tom Jones, and “making hay and not war” makes perfect sense to me, so long as the sun shines.*

    (*Old saying “Make hay while the sun shines”)

    1. I think it was traditional to throw one’s knickers at Tom Jones during concerts in his heyday (no pun intended!) and both quotes are song lyrics, if you click the links you can listen to the songs!

  4. This is lovely, Ingrid, fun and full of thrown-knicker surprises. I love where the neuronal feedback loop takes us!

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