Elegy for a Fairytale – #poem

There are no knights in shining armour,
There is no chivalry;
There are only nights of drunken ardour
Followed by confused apologies.Β 
The damsels in distress collect
Social security:Β 
There is no chivalryΒ 
Nor any Knights in shining armour now
I wonder if there ever were

Though once upon a time I thought I knew one who
Took me into his care;
Under his roof he offered me his time,
Yet it my darkest hour of all

I found he was not there: 
There is no happy-ever-after
Nor any once upon a time
For all in love is foul where foul is fair

Yet still we seek our knights in shining armour
Sculpt castles in the sky
Where we imagine will live in splendour
With our knights by our side
Most willingly:
Our castles in the sky
Are like a rainbow, or ‘a parting cloud:’
A dream of love, born only for to die.

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