Chrysalis: A new #poem for Voyage of the Mind Poetry Day

I started my life a creeping thing
A hairy, overeating thing
I built myself a chrysalis
And hid away within:

Not caring for the world, nor
Its reproaches, nor its censures:
But thinking on my fast-approaching change

Change which begins within, which turns
The body inside out
And purifies the mind to grow
Delicate wings

Now with these wings, so delicate
And crystalline, I hover
Flitting from flower to blooming flower
Most happily, to discover

The world and all its wonders formed anew
Though fleeting, momentary:
The beautiful, ephemeral
Etched in a sky of blue.

© Experimentsinfiction 2020, All Rights Reserved

Written for the second Voyage of the Mind Poetry Day, whose theme is ‘Metamorphosis.’

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