Silly Bitch and Wash-yer-Face: An Urban Legend

Silly Bitch and Wash-yer-Face
Used to live a few houses down the road:
They had a strange relationship 
And shouted at my cat.
Perhaps they were second-cousins
Once-removed from one another; 
Or maybe not as far removed as that:
Silly Bitch talked like she had a mouth
Filled up with cotton wool, while
Wash-yer-Face didn’t ever talk, but grunted.

I made up many stories as a child;
Concerning Silly Bitch and Wash-yer-Face:
Imagination run completely wild
With thoughts of evil acts
Of committed in secret, 
Maybe Silly Bitch and Wash-yer-Face
Just needed help:
An education
And a bar of soap.

I hope you enjoyed this poem, based on some strange characters from my childhood. Don’t forget, there is still time to enter the EIF Poetry Challenge: deadline for entries is midnight CET tomorrow!

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