Eaves dropping – #poetry #dVerse

Falling from the eaves
Dropping down
Like rain-bursts, fire-cracked beams
Fall to the barn floor as
I eavesdrop from a distance:
Fire devouring everything
We worked all of our lives for
And they say it was a cigarette
Not climate change
That started it.

Written for dVerse Quadrille #111, hosted by Kim who has given us the prompt ‘eavesdropping.’

I used the prompt to express my anger at the denial by politicians and in some sections of the media that our actions have anything to do with the wildfires which seem to be raging with disturbing regularity over many parts of the earth at the moment.

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  1. You’ve conveyed the ferocity of the wildfires, and your anger, so well in so few words, Ingrid. Eavesdropping on the fire might be the only way to get the truth.

  2. A beautiful piece that speaks to different levels of denial! We had a forest fire in the Blue Ridge a couple years back and it was not a cigarette that sparked it but a car burning out its brakes . . .

    1. Fires scare me more than anything Ingrid. You skillfully describe the agony of fire and your ending was perfect.

  3. My son and daughter in-law were telling me yesterday that in CA a couple having a “gender reveal party” lit off fireworks in drought that started massive forest fires. We know that climate change is the reason in a big way but human stupidity is to blame either directly or indirectly. We do not cherish our mother and this is what happens 🙁

    1. Of course we also need to have respect for the environment and shouldn’t go carelessly tossing cigarettes or fireworks onto the tinder-box that we’ve created!

    1. I’ve lived in two high fire-risk areas in Spain, and once drove along a forest road where firefighters were actively fighting a wildfire. Not far away in Portugal the previous year, people were trapped in their cars and couldn’t escape the fire. Sobering and scary.

    1. Thank you so much for reading and for introducing me to a wonderful poem. I didn’t know these paper lanterns were already a fire hazard back in the 70s. How we’ve moved on since then!

  4. kaykuala

    I eavesdrop from a distance:
    Fire devouring everything
    We worked all of our lives for

    To think it all started with carelessness and human failings of smokers!


  5. I can see the scene with these words
    “Dropping down
    Like rain-bursts, fire-cracked beams”

    From my perspective, human error (gender party) is made worse because of climate change (extreme temperatures – CA record breaking highs/Denver swing from summer to snow and winter in 24 hours; Arctic shelf breaking off; sea level rise); and the climate change is exasperated by human behavior. Either way you look at it, humans are, in all likelihood, the source.

  6. You have conveyed well the feeling of loss and devastation following a fire. My heart goes out to my friends and other citizens in the States who are experiencing wildfires today. Australia was devastated by the horrendous fires that wiped out so much vegetation and people’s homes.

  7. Ingrid, wonderfully-written poem! I heard on the news today that 10 times as much area was burned in wildfires this year as usually burned just a few years ago. When the vegetation is so dry and the weather is so hot…does it take a genius to see what is going on? Or maybe it takes a politician not to see! We wanted to send some of our Florida rain from the storms to the west coast…Tropical storms may be getting worse due to climate cahnge too. Take care. <3

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