Poem: Feeding the Ducks at Bohinj

All day long, rain:
Falling from the low cloud,
Falling foul of my low mood,

Visibility down to ten percent:
Light aircraft grounded for today
And far away
Somewhere in a far-off land
I’d left behind

Rain like my tears
Which I refused to let fall:
Let the sky fall tears for me,
Fall like an edgeless sword
Courting despair.

Where had the sun gone?
When would he be back again?
Friends told me happily
Perhaps even a little smugly that
He shone on England.

All day long, rain
All day with no change
What to do
With two un-tired and restless

Shall we feed the ducks?
I said,
‘Oh yes, oh yes, let’s go!’ they cried:
Let’s go to Bohinj.

On the drive
Clouds swirled
Much better than low mizzle
Sweeping, swirling low across
The theatre of the sky:
Promising drama.

At the shore
The campsite full of life
Like adolescent memories of
Happy hikers huddled
Underneath the wooden canopy
All drinking, laughing, living,
Being merry.

At the water’s edge
The children threw out bread
To lure the far-away ducks
And we watched as they approached
All unperturbed
By thunder.

Heavy raindrops
Fresh-fallen tears now
From the heavy sky
Are dropping pebble-like
Into the lake

Joy on the faces of the children
Joy at childhood memories of
Innocence revived
Joy in campsite conviviality
Joy in the sunburst which would follow
Washing the leaves a fresh, redolent

(c) 2020 Experimentsinfiction.com. All Rights Reserved

I am revisiting this poem in response to Earthweal’s call for a song of joy!

14 thoughts on “Poem: Feeding the Ducks at Bohinj

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  1. A poem, a window, now a memory on that day. The consolation is that Sunny England, shares that same rain now, sun is gone, no doubt twinkling in Marbella, no doubt…

  2. I love how you find the joy inside the misery — that depressive seeps have a poetic end in the silver of children’s faces and “washing the leaves a fresh, redolent / Green.” Your sense of rhyme and pattern are crafted so well here, so that the senses follow the mind’s weave. Well done and thanks so much for bringing this to earthweal. – Brendan

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