The Edge of Armageddon – #poetry #dVerse

The day the sky fell in
Began like any other,
Then birds hid in the trees
The cat ran in
The cattle sought the shade for shelter;
Only we homo-sapiens didn’t see it coming:
Dancing beneath the choking smoke
At the edge of Armageddon.

Written for dVerse Quadrille #112 – where we are asked to write a poem of exactly 44 words including ‘some semblance of the word sky.’ I immediately thought of the story of Chicken Licken, who believed the sky was falling in, when really it wasn’t. This poem seeks to reverse the idea: the animals all know the sky is falling in, while we humans carry on, oblivious. Whatever gave me that idea?

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  1. You write this so beautifully and solemn, but it hurts to read because this is exactly what is happening or will happen. While we have instinct and intuition, I find it to be true that we realize things a tad too late, while animals are generally the ones who can notice it first. So eloquently written!

    1. Thank you Lucy. I’m trying not to get sad when I write things like this. I really hope we can do better. We’re just not doing very well at the moment!

  2. That’s a coincidence! When I was out walking with the ‘ladies who walk; last Thursday, an acorn fell on someone’s head and we were reminded of Chicken Licken! I like the way you reversed it, a dark warning – most humans don’t see things coming and, from what I’ve read on the Internet, they don’t believe in Armageddon..

  3. Wow! You had me with the first two lines! And isn’t that the truth? The animals seem to sense disaster coming – we humans seem to all too often be oblivious. I know the story of Chicken Licken….I remember it as Chicken Little…warning everyone. Your ending also reminded me of the forest fires raging currently in Oregon, Washington and California….people who are directly and so cruelly affected by these fires must sure feel as if they are choking in Armageddon.

  4. This is something I need to share with my fellow writers here at dVerse. I so enjoy reading the work that you create and post, and am genuinely honored to be embraced as a part of this community of poets. May we all find healing in these challenging times. And as a true aquarian love child, and also a proud flower child of the 60’s, who truly believed then we would some day change the world to be a better place for all, and still believes that we might yet do it — I wish each of you peace, health, and love. Write on!

  5. How true this is as so many have no idea how beautiful the world is while they think only of greed and money regardless of the consequence.

    1. Thank you: I enjoyed the beautiful images conjured up by your poem: I left a comment but not sure if its gone to spam or if Google just doesn’t like me!

  6. This was fabulous, Ingrid. Yes, animals are way more aware than we “supposed” superior species.
    That photo is absolutely stunning!

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