A Poem for My Children on National Poetry Day – #ShareAPoem

Let not my words die with me
after all is said and done:
I dedicate these words you,
continue on alone

Let not my words die with me
at the closing of my day;
they’re all I ever had to give
and now I cannot stay.

Let not my words die with me:
Let them linger in the light
of eventide, e’en as I fade
into the darkling night.

Let not my words die with me
and I cannot be afraid
that I am leaving you alone
with too much left unsaid:

But let my words live with you,
Let them echo down the years;
Let them resound and comfort you
when I’m no longer near:

Yes, let my words live with you
as your true inheritance
and all I ever had to give:
Love and remembrance.

© Experimentsinfiction 2020, All Rights Reserved

National Poetry Day 2020

Today is National Poetry Day in the UK, and we’re encouraged to #ShareAPoem. Here’s one I wrote earlier, but I’ve been waiting for the right moment to share it. The theme of this year’s NPD is ‘vision,’ and I suppose you could look upon this as a vision for my childrens’ future. I don’t plan on departing this world any time soon, but I try never to take a day of life for granted.

After I’m gone, I would wish for my children to remember me through my words of love. I think words can be a great comfort in times of grief and sadness. This is not meant as a sad poem but a celebration of love that never dies.

Incidentally, this poem is formed of quatrain stanzas. Why not write your own, and enter it in this week’s EIF Poetry Challenge? You can also share it for National Poetry Day, and join in the celebration!

Also linking to dVerse Open Link Night, which is hosted by Mish this evening. dVerse is a great place to share your poetry and enjoy the work of other poets.

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  1. Absolutely beautiful. Just the kind of unconditional love and blessings one can get only from their parents. Just the thing my parents will tell me. Am touched. Really.💕💕

  2. So deeply touching, Ingrid, and words are all I have to leave behind too. The repetition in this poem is so effective. I had tears in my eyes when I read:
    ‘Let not my words die with me
    and I cannot be afraid
    that I am leaving you alone
    with too much left unsaid’.

    1. Thank you Kim. Those lines affect me the most too. I lost my mum when I was a kid, and I wouldn’t want my kids to go through the same. Not that I have any plans for imminent departure!

  3. I liked how your refrain changed from your death to living on in their memories. My family is aware I’m a poet, but they never read it. I have thousands of poems stacked up in dark corners on dusty shelves. I’m sad to visualize their date with a shredder.

    1. Glenn, it makes me very sad to think your poems might be shredded. I wish you would publish them. Hire a college student to organize them and publish! I am one guaranteed customer!!!!!

    2. I agree with Lisa that you should publish! It is quite possible my kids will hate me by the time they’re grown up and throw this in the bin. But I hope not!

  4. Oh my aching heart this is so poignant! 💝💝 I love the emotions in this! Gorgeously rendered!

  5. Ingrid it is so clear you adore your children. I hope you share this with them now, so you can see the look on their faces as they read it.

    1. At the moment they’re still at an age where they want to believe I will live forever, so I don’t want to scare them. But when they’re a bit older I will definitely share.

  6. I really love your heartfelt and powerful statement of faith in your words and that your children will remember and cherish them. To read my poetry is to know me! This is why we poets write!

  7. Lovely Ingrid. I believe our words are the greatest gift we can give our children, outlasting all material possessions, and not letting our words die with us is why we write. 💗

  8. This is beautiful and I love your sentiments..
    I actually wrote something for when Id do die which say’s If I die before I wake.. Maybe I’ll post it. Heart felt poem Ingrid!!! ❤️

      1. Oh that’s kind. I write a new one every year on my birthday. Maybe I should because I doubt my kids would ever read it unless it was somewhere in print. It does give peace of mind, you’re right. Thanks for the encouragement. ❤️

  9. A gorgeous , heartfelt poem and I am sure this poem resonates with everyone , such true words and this is what we a want in the end.

  10. Love it but you gave me palpitations thinking you were planning to leave soon … so glad to hear you will see a few more sunrises 🙂

    Your kids are blessed by your warm heart and words!

  11. Beautiful and so powerful! I think it also puts accountability on us as parents, making sure our words are kind, careful and meaningful. Love this.

  12. I am late getting around Ingrid. I have been battling with my conscience over my dark, leering, ongoing smirk regarding the news coming from the White House today. Anyway, Happy Poetry Day! Your beautiful, substantive words will only die with you if you permit them too — and I know you will not allow that. Peace!

  13. Lovely poem for your children. You’re not totally gone, if your words are remembered.
    My mom didn’t leave written words, but we like to repeat the things she said. 😀

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