November – a #poem for Benji

Cold-comfort month:
the month after my mother’s death
foreshadowing my sister’s,  
that dark alley
and yet
into that darkness 
came brightest light: 
8 years ago
my eldest son 
A new life 
begun, who
though he didn’t see the sun
for almost six months
light within
and still, undimmed
in this darkest of seasons
shines a light:
transforms my winter-world
to wonderland
of birthday dreams
and Santa-schemes
and new hope brought to life.

Written for dVerse poetics. Sanaa is hosting tonight and has set us this task:

For today’s Poetics, I would like you to write a poem about November and tell us what it means to you. I aim for this prompt to be wide in scope. You can discuss what this month reminds you of, political or non-political. It can be a seasonal poem if you like. You can also use a painting for inspiration or perhaps a song. There are so many! As long as you stick to the parameters of the prompt, you are fine.’

When I told my eldest son the prompt was about November, he said ‘will you write a poem about my birthday?’ No pressure there, then! I hope I’ve done him justice. I find it hard to write poems about my family, not because they are unworthy subjects but perhaps because I worry that my words are not worthy of them. Anyway, this pretty much sums up what November means to me. The photo was taken just after Benji’s third birthday. And absolutely no politics as I’ve already done that today.

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  1. How lovely that you talk to your son about prompts and that he is interested in your writing, Ingrid. I love the photograph and the poem. My daughter was also born in November and I love the thought that children are ‘undimmed in this darkest of seasons’. Let’s hope the ‘wonderland of birthday dreams and Santa-schemes’ withstands pandemic restrictions.

    1. Thanks, Kim. He is really interested and I am glad to get him involved. I really hope we can still manage some kind of birthday and Christmas fun – I will have get my parental magic wand working…

  2. Oh what a precious poem and so sweet he said that he wanted you to write about him. What a cutie minutee. You definitely will live up to his words and he will love you have captured him. It’s my husband’s birthday Thursday. I’m always so struck by your momes birthday and then the light he is that came into the world. Nice job Ingrid!!! ❤️❤️❤️ Cindy

  3. Oh he is/was crazy cute. My oldest has his 9th birthday in just over 4 weeks and he says he LOVES this time of year because it had his birthday and Christmas. He says this every day, several times a day. I fear by his birthday I may be a bit fed up.
    I might show him this though as, after the first few lines, it could almost as easily apply to him.

    1. Haha, yes I know that feeling: I find Christmas really tough but have to enter into the spirit for the sake of the kids. Pleased this spoke to you!

  4. He is so sweet and adorable – a nice poem tribute to him. I specially love this part:

    in this darkest of seasons
    shines a light:

    1. It is a chilling time for me, in many ways – especially Christmas as my sister died in December 5 years ago. But I have to put a brave face on it and try and make sure the kids enjoy it!

    1. Again I can’t comment on your blog, so I will comment here:
      ‘A child I think who knew me from long ago’ is such a beautiful idea. I feel that too with my kids. Glad you have a November joy to treasure just like me!

  5. Children are the greatest gift. When life seems dark and all too much, their innocence and bright eyes can restore in us a bit of our own childhood magic. I loved your write, and I hope your son is pleased that you wrote about him!

  6. When enveloped by darkness, it seems the light is nowhere to be found, but it does shine again. What a light your son is! Your poem highlights hope and light and is a beautiful tribute to him. 💖

  7. It’s not often a poem creates a huge smile on my face prior to reading the first word. Yours did. And I thank you for that. This is sweet and poignant all rolled into one gift.

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