The Solstice of the Heart #poetry #Earthweal

The darkest day is done at last
yet I’m not past
the solstice of the heart;

when all you thought was solid
slips like sand beneath your feet
some say it is the dark night of the soul, 
but I call it the solstice of the heart:

When friends and lovers slip away
(The solstice of the heart)
When nothing beautiful can stay
(The solstice of the heart)

Perhaps it is the way our faith is tested, if
you can dance on a Friday 
when the sky turns black, perhaps
you will turn back
toward the light, toward
the distant beacon,
dazzling: summer
solstice of the heart.

© Experimentsinfiction 2020, All Rights Reserved

A second Solstice poem

For Earthweal, because my poetic muse said I’m not quite done with the solstice for this year. Sometimes the bleakness of midwinter creeps in, even amongst all the enforced festivity. But midwinter, like everything else, does pass.

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  1. ‘The darkest day is done at last’ and yet this morning is the darkest one yet! The sky is overcast, it’s raining, and things look so bleak. But I have poetry to read and affect my mood, which your poem has done, Ingrid. I love the shift from ‘dark night of the soul’ to the ‘distant beacon, dazzling’, and the repeated ‘solstice of the heart’, which reminds me of Bonnie Tyler’s total eclipse, as well as the subtle allusion to ‘Lord of the Dance’ in ‘you can dance on a Friday when the sky turns black’ (it’s hard to dance with the devil on your back) – ah, takes me back to singing in the school choir!

  2. Sometimes the heart is the last place the light enters. It has often seemed that way this year. We are afraid, ant that tightens the grip of darkness. But reaching out to each other with our words helps us to leave an opening. (K)

    1. Thank you, Cindy: and yes, thank God we’re almost there! I start out full of enthusiasm with Christmas at the beginning of December then it gets to about now and I feel as though I’ve been trying to sprint my way through a marathon…😅🎄🙏

      1. Of course and I agree with you, especially with younger kids.. we just watched old videos of xmas when the kids were small. It was wildly fun but not sure how we did it. Have a beautiful holiday. Then I make a glitch of my W.P. Pet Peeves post.. lol. I just changed it and am adding the video tomorrow. then I’m really done.. lol.. 🤣 hope you are too! ❤️

      2. Lol I look forward to that Cindy! I have an update from Lockdownia later, then no more posts for a whole two days 😅😂❤️

  3. Well done … We are much more deeply attuned to the earth’s rhythms than we know. That’s why we need poets like you to call it out. In darkest night a cry across the frozen land … nadir of heart’s winter. Gorgeously put. – Brendan

  4. Wonderful poem, Ingrid! ” Solstice of the heart” is a beautiful concept. I thought of you at the solstice as the days began getting longer. My late husband and my fiance both suffered from SAD until they moved to Florida. I have enjoyed your photos of Slovenia, but I know you are paying a price for living there. Take care! <3 wishing you sunny days.

    1. I can understand how moving to Florida would cure it as moving to Spain did the same for me. Once the restrictions are lifted we will head to Slovenia’s beautiful Mediterranean coast for some sun. It is breathtaking here though, so I count my blessings! Thank you for thinking of me 🙏

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