You and me, Sea #poetry #Earthweal

Ain’t it just like you and me, Sea
when we dance together,
I barefoot on the sand, you 
lapping at my toes?

Ain’t it just like we’re two parts of
the same whole:
I was born of you, and you
bring me to life once more?

Ain’t it just like you and me, Sea?
And we’ve always been together
dancing a saline tango in the sun.

Ain’t it just like you and me, Sea?
When I hit stormy weather
on your shore I’ll wind up, by the wild winds

Say, it’s just like you and me, Sea;
I can hear you calling:
your echo fills my silent afternoon.

And that was all I wanted to say, Sea:
When I’m far away from you
I feel your surge in me which swells into 
a tide to take me home.

© Experimentsinfiction 2021, All Rights Reserved

Written for Earthweal

Earthweal’s current weekly challenge is entitled ‘Entangled up in you.’ Brendan has given us the following instructions:

For this challenge, explore the art and acts of entanglement in a poem. How does one life entangle another? How do the dead remain entangled with the living? Become the thing you see. Reflect on how that seeing changes the world (at least, your view of it). Then (or separately) ask yourself what existence would mean without that entanglement: how much less light and air and beauty. Flip the switch both ways to see how it works. Entangle yourself in the world. Let your witness be our testament.

And he has closed the post with Bob Dylan’s ‘Tangled up in Blue.’ Maybe for this reason, I could only think of song lyrics. For some other reason, I could only think of the sea.

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  1. What a treat this is to read…………the dance with the sea, the shared history – her-story? – and the summing up: the tide that takes us home. Loved this.

  2. The sea itself makes one feel calm and embrace the oceans sound…connecting with the sun and listening to the current sing a melody of its own. I really love your poem. I interpret things different so I hope I understood your work. 🙂

  3. Human life evolved from the sea, human embroyos have vestigial fins and gills, human blood has the same salt content as seawater: We are entangled in the sea’s “saline tango in the sun,” delved and baptized and flung and ultimately ferried back across it. A wonderful poem on the echo of it in our ears, like shells … B

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