Leave a light footprint #poetry #Earthweal

Leave a light footprint:
tread softly on your way
go with grace and dignity and always 
with a light step
with a light heart 
without a thought
of waste
or want
or wishing more than plenty;
seeking only 
take nothing more than what you give.

Leave a light footprint: 
one day
your children 
will follow in the steps you leave behind 
leave them a clear path 
and a safe route 
to a bright future; 
turn off the light on your way out 
that they may shine the brighter.

Leave a light footprint, make
a deep impression on the hearts
of those you love.

Β© Experimentsinfiction 2021, All Rights Reserved

Written for Earthweal

I’m reading ‘How bad are bananas?‘ by Mike Berners-Lee at the moment. This fascinating book aims to calculate the carbon footprint of a variety of daily activities from taking a shower to driving a mile by car, through to the food we eat. I thoroughly recommend this book, as it has made me far more carbon conscious, if not entirely carbon literate (yet).

One of the big take-aways from this book is that we can’t leave the climate crisis for our governments to sort out (look what a mess the majority of them have made of handling the covid crisis). Of course, we need big changes on the political scale, but these changes ought to start at grassroots level. And the first step in making the necessary changes is to educate ourselves about exactly what contribution we as individuals are making to the climate crisis.

Another big take-away is that we shouldn’t waste anything, ever. And I would include in this all of our time on earth. Let’s use it wisely and leave a habitable earth for our children and for future generations.

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  1. The overall concept of leaving the legacy of a ‘light footprint’ is an enchanting vision, and your words beautifully conveyed a lovely storyline… πŸ˜€

    1. Thank you, Ivor πŸ™ not sure my own footprint is light enough right now but at least I’m working to change it… πŸ‘£ 🌏

  2. So very beautifully done, Ingrid! I love the use of repetition to emphasise the message and the lightness of language to match the lightness of tread.

  3. So deftly done that I took it to be a well-known piece that I should’ve already known about. But it is not and so this makes it all the much better xo

      1. Yeah, good! It’s all the abandoned capital letters I worry about πŸ™ (I notice that you rather brilliantly tightrope between both big letter/little letter in this piece!)

        All hail the return of Big Letter & The semi-Colon Sisters! x

      2. Oh I did abandon capitals then decided they were allowed after a colon just to cause confusion as to which camp I belong…

  4. Your message and your poem is such a poingent and important message strung seamlessly and effortless Ingrid! I loved it and the book sounds fascinating reminding us of the imprints we leave behind and to leave gift our children with that message. No matter how young or old, they are always watching. Bravo! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  5. Very wise words. You have to wonder at the motivations of those very vocal critics of government innaction. Often it’s only an excuse for doing nothing themselves. The whatabouters who could easily cut down on the crap they eat and the wasted futile journeys etc etc but they don’t lift a finger.

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