Like Laurel Canyon Carole King

Right now I’d love to live
like Laurel Canyon Carole King
the beehives and false lashes 
replaced by wilder tresses
not locked in the Brill Building 
writing songs
for other folks to sing
not having to wipe the baby’s ass
with pen in one hand
diaper in the other
writing a song for an old friend 
or a brother:
Just like Laurel Canyon Carole King
A Natural Woman
happy and free
wheelin’, and
feelin’ Beautiful –
Some Kinda Wonderful
in my own skin.

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Image credit: By Capitol Records – Original publicity photo, PD-US,

About this poem

Carole King in the early 60s: Image Source Vanity Fair

If they asked me, I could write a book about how much I love Carole King. When she started out as a songwriter in the 1950s, and was married and pregnant by age 17, but this did not stop her prolific output as a songwriter. I saw a tv interview in which she talked about changing diapers (nappies) with one hand and penning music with the other.

All through the Sixties, working with husband Gerry Goffin, she wrote songs which became hits for other people. Tunes so many people know and love: Will you still love me tomorrow? The Locomotion, and Up on the Roof to name but a few.

Carole split from Gerry Goffin in 1968 and went to live in Laurel Canyon L.A. and this is where she literally found her own voice, writing and recording the album Tapestry in 1971, which would become a multi-platinum selling record and revered as one of the greatest albums of all time.

I have referenced several of her songs in this poem:

  • ‘For an old friend or a brother’ is a line from the song ‘Goodbye don’t mean I’m gone’ from the 1972 album Rhymes and Reasons.
  • ‘Natural Woman’ and ‘Beautiful’ are famous songs from Tapestry.
  • ‘Some Kind of Wonderful’ is from the album Music (1971)

And here she is singing ‘Goodbye don’t mean I’m gone:’

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  1. Soon as you mentioned her I was thinking “I have heard of her, now what songs did she do?” I could not remember any but of course, I recognised the names when you mentioned them.

  2. Wondrously ‘penned’.. a compelling tribute for an amazing singer/songwriter… and ‘yeah’ I have my vinyl of “Tapestry”, just dusted and spinning on my turntable….

      1. Definitely so Ingrid… to stay positive requires good vibes to help me through the day…. being negative is an easy option… but rarely do I act or write in the negative…. .. today I wrote about a ‘Swan’… maybe I’ll post that one tomorrow… 😀

  3. Oh she would love this Ingrid!! Loved her and saw her in person!! Fun/funny fact penned; diaper in one hand and pen in the other.. haven’t heard this song.
    Tapestry a blast from the past. Natural woman was such the bomb!
    Great job Ingrid! ❤️

    1. I am officially starstruck! Hope she was as lovely as she seems to be ❤️ I could just so identify with that image of a woman trying to juggle everything! So pleased my little cherubs are out of diapers now 🤣

      1. well, I paid for a ticket and saw her live! 🤣 I saw her is Beautiful in N.Y. or S.F. can’t rememeber now but She was every bit as wonderful on stage as your poem and stories we hear. I could sure relate as well, juggling so many balls! Thank goodness they are out of diapers all right! 😘😎

  4. It’s Too Late was the first song I learned to play on guitar, followed by The Pixies’ Where Is My Mind – eh?! I am loathe to delve any further into the reasoning, but, oh, 1988. You think you were a strange year…

    Lovely work, Ingrid!

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