When spring flowers… #poetry #dVerse

I shall not pass this way again
but if you should, in sun or rain
or when spring flowers bedeck the grass
remember me, where your feet pass
and shed a tear, in happiness
for all once dear, though passed in us
is limitless.

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Lisa is hosting at dVerse, and has asked us to use the word ‘way’ in our quadrille: a poem of exactly 44 words. When I learned the prompt word, I immediately thought of a beautiful poem by Eva Rose York, to which I was introduced by fellow poet and blogger Michele Lee Sefton. So I borrowed the first line and wrote a condensed poem on a similar theme.

I chose daffodils for the image as a reminder that spring is on the way, and also in remembrance of my mother, sister and grandmother, who all loved these flowers.

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  1. I love that you chose to write about daffodils, Ingrid. Your poem brought a tear to my eye as it would have been my grandmother’s birthday today and she was a huge fan of daffs. I keep checking our garden for signs of yellow buds. Great use of slant rhyme, too.

    1. I’m pleased this evoked a happy memory of your grandmother. Even when someone special has been gone a long time, we still miss them.

  2. The emotions of the poem are so vivid to me. Your choice of daffodils and thinking of your mother, sister and grandmother here….all so very much “inside” this poem, if that makes sense. I love this line in particular “spring flowers bedeck the grass” especially as in Boston we’ve no snow….just the bare trees and bare cement and bare ground. Daffodils and forsythia are my favorite spring blooms – both the brightness of yellow. 🙂

  3. Beautiful and solemn. This reminds me of one of Neruda’s most popular poems, one of my favorites by him. I can’t think of the name but the common phrase was “Remember me…”

  4. A lovely echo from the work of Eva Rose York. Thanks for sharing the inspiration of Eva Rose York. She grew up in the same general area of my province.

  5. I love the idea of bringing your loved ones back in shared love held for lovely bringers of sunlight in their petals. Cherishing each one as a connector to heaven. So achingly beautiful, Ingrid.

  6. I like the notion “if we should pass this way again”, but as to “remember me” it could be rough as we pass through the veil of forgetfulness on the way back.

  7. Lovely piece Ingrid – I know it’s personal to you – but the poem also touches that universal loss we all feel – (in line with other comments above) it reminds me of a piece by Basho – ‘A thicket of summer grass / is all that remains / of the dreams and ambitions / of ancient warriors.

  8. Ingrid, I love what you have created with York’s beautiful first line and your meaningful and symbolic choice of daffodils. I am pleased that you enjoyed the poem; it is a lovely one! 💗

  9. Absolutely beautiful. Heart wrenching, but lovely. I love the flow of words and emotions. I like how you added the first line of another poem too. Very clever.

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