Sonnet Sunday: The best of love is shelt’ring from the cold

The best of love is shelt’ring form the cold
when time and tide turn dark and skies grow dim;
our hands, hearts and arthritic limbs grow old
yet love’s spark shines as bright as e’er within:

remember when the sun of youth was ours
you took my hand and boldly said to me
‘If you’ll be mine, then gladly I’ll be yours
and time won’t change the love I feel for thee?’

But time will do his worst, like it or not
and time has knitted up my youthful airs
the season of decay and waste and rot
grows fast upon us, multiplies our cares;

but look into my eyes, and time is nought:
such love as alters time can ne’er be bought.

Β© Experimentsinfiction 2021, All Rights Reserved

I hope you’re feeling the love of poetry this Sonnet Sunday! Take part by linking up a sonnet of your own, and reading and commenting on other people’s sonnets. Stay tuned for the fun finale to this fine day of poetry…

18 thoughts on “Sonnet Sunday: The best of love is shelt’ring from the cold

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      1. Yep for sure!!! Awww sweet.. We’re Cat and’s today babysitting our daughter’s new kitten trying to acclimate them.. feeling the love is coming in scratches.. 😹😹😹😾

  1. Your poem beautifully describes a lifetime of everlasting love. For those wrapped in this love, a lifetime is too brief, like a Sunday stroll through the park.

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