Do not look for me there #poetry #poem

I am not in the ground;
do not look for me there:
I am the gentle wind that caresses your hair
in summer.

I am the spring tide rising before crashing to shore;
I am the spring light that kisses your face 
and what’s more
I’m everywhere. 

 Β© Experimentsinfiction 2021, All Rights Reserved

Today would have been my mum’s 63rd birthday. I was 8 when my mum died, and I didn’t go to her funeral, as I didn’t like the thought of her being reduced to ash and buried underground. I preferred always to go to her favourite woodland and remember her there. So I’ve composed this very short poem in honour of her memory.

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  1. I am so sorry for your loss. Your mum must be proud of you.

    Happy Birthday to her as she lives in your smiles, tears, and words.

    Lovely Poem, Sara xx

  2. Only today I was thinking a lot about how lucky I feel to have a Mum. A lovely poem. It was very strong of you, at eight, to know how to honour your mother’s memory in a way that felt right for you. It must have been such so tough.

    1. I’m not into the Royal Family but I do feel sorry for those boys having to be dragged to their mother’s funeral in public when they must have still been in shock.

  3. I’m sorry for that loss that I know you still feel, but this is a beautiful way to honor your mom–and to remember her. In this way, she is still with you.

  4. ours leave and remain sweet and infinite memories within us. your mother always accompanies your steps and will never fail to accompany you. receive my hug and affection.

  5. Gentle wind, spring tide, spring light, and finally, I’m everywhere.

    You have used these words beautifully. The poem is smoothly flowing like the gentle wind.

    Oh! Your mother died when you were 8 year old. I think it provided you the power and strength to be a good mother.

  6. Such a beautiful poem you wrote for your mom Ingrid!
    It’s a lovely way to keep your mom alive in your heart!
    Beautiful and happy what would have been her 63rd year.

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