Why Bother? #poetry #dVerse

I often wonder
why should I bother
and whether it makes any difference when
‘Planet Earth is blue and there’s nothing I can do’
but anything other than fighting with every last breath
for this beloved, beleaguered earth
would be a crime of complacency.

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Written for dVerse

De is hosting Quadrille, and has asked us to write a poem of exactly 44 words featuring the word ‘bother.’ I was already considering the subject ‘why bother?’ for Brendan’s earthweal challenge, so this prompt gave me another opportunity to explore the subject of being bothered. When it comes to the climate crisis, twinned with massive biodiversity loss, we cannot afford not to be bothered. That way the climate change deniers win.

My three-year-old son has impeccable taste in music. He was singing ‘Space Oddity’ this morning and this got me thinking about how prophetic the song would turn out to be, in particular the line quoted above. The song was first recorded in 1969, one month before the first moon landing. The Apollo missions showed us just how lucky we all are to be living on this ‘good earth.’ Unfortunately, our efforts to protect the earth from our destructive expansionist spirit have so far proved futile. It’s time to change tack before it’s too late.

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    1. Yes indeed, I have made that change after reading some incredible things about how we feed the world, and how much better we could do.

  1. How often we have these days, Ingrid, over more than climate change! This is hopeless expressed in frustration with a healthy dose of courage thrown in. <3

  2. Thanks for the blast of Bowie, Ingrid. Ellen had an eclectic taste in music at that age too. I am in complete agreement with you that we cannot afford not to be bothered about the environment. We must turn it around and convince everyone that ‘Planet Earth is blue and there’s plenty we can do’.

  3. It is very tempting to excuse inaction by saying “why nother? I won’t be here anyway. It won’t affect me.” In fact many of us could say this now, and it would be true.
    But that is a fatal mistake. If we said that about everything, then nothing would ever change. And consideration for the environment is just one of many things that needs to change.

    1. It doesn’t feel far away to me. And even if I manage to survive there are my kids and their kids to think about. And every other species on the planet for that matter!

  4. This is incredibly, incredibly heartfelt Ingrid 💝💝 I agree, unfortunately not many out there are bothered with the welfare of the planet. if only .. they would realize that in the end it affects everyone equally.. sigh..

  5. Bravo!!! we just have to breathe and do our little bits of kindness

    Happy Monday


  6. Impossible to ignore what’s going on with our planet and it is a mystery why more aren’t urgently alarmed. I think sometimes people are drained by other things, leaving no energy to battle for our Mother Gaia 🙁

    1. This is exactly what happened to me Lisa. Just getting through the day was a battle. Then I pause for breath and realise I’ve an even bigger fight on my hands!

  7. Spoken like a woman with passion for the subject matter. ‘Planet Earth is blue and there’s nothing I can do’ came through my car speakers today, but I did have it set to play only Bowie tunes.

  8. Ingrid – the word ‘blue’ in the middle of the poem really caught my attention… I understand the meaning, but that’s such an interesting choice of word… did you consider other possibilities, or did you immediately come to that one?

    Lovely poem!


    1. I thought about being bothered about the earth then the Bowie line came to me, so it was always gonna be blue! Thanks for asking 💙

  9. Thanks for referencing one of my fave tunes, Ingrid. Of all the planets I visit, this one’s the coolest, by far. Salute!

  10. Every act and thought to preserved our planet is worthwhile. It would be a crime of complacency if we don’t. Good one Ingrid.

  11. your words and David Bowies song are right on. I’d be blue without the blue sky and clear waters.. or I wish they’d be clear. Nice Ingrid!
    💖. Where’s don and skip today?

      1. Clear would be nice. I dream of that,
        Well, you can always take mondays off dear and become a slack blogger like me 🤣
        But you won’t.
        I do know where to find him, thanks! I followed him because of your introduction 💖

  12. fighting with every last breath
    for this beloved, beleaguered earth
    would be a crime of complacency.

    Yes, we have to bid for some sense of commitment to help out. Agreed Ingrid! This Corvid thing is making everyone jittery and many now find it a bother!


    1. If they think covid is bad, wait until the whole ecosystem starts to fall apart…but I’d rather not wait until it’s too late. Thanks Hank!

  13. Your first two lines express what I think many of us feel, but like you, I don’t believe we should let complacency win. Thank you passionate earth warrior! Love your complementary music selection.

  14. We should look after our planet. If we a do what we can it may help a little but we are all doomed as long as there are (too many) humans inhabiting earth. Only viruses and/or war can save the planet because we seem not be able to do it.

    1. But a billion careful people do a lot less damage than a thousand careless (very rich) people. It is possible for us all to live here if we sort out our priorities and restore some kind of balance.

      1. I beg to differ with all due respect. One out of 8 (billion) means that the 7 not so careful will ruin the planet anyway. It’s not about the rich and the poor I think. If people stop having (too many kids), there will be less pollution. Less clothes, less laundry, less soap, less plastic, etc etc. The world is just overpopulated. When I ask a parent why they want kids they simply don’t have an answer. Too many ego’s shall kill the planet I’m afraid unfortunately…

      2. My husband had a similar argument, but if you read ‘There is no Planet B,’ the author compares the carbon footprint of an average Malawian with that of someone from the US, Australia and Europe. The richer we are, the more we consume, and the more strain we place upon the global system. People in the developing world have far more children, but these children are not the ones flying all over the world, driving gas guzzling cars and eating steaks every day. So wealth distribution does make a difference.

      3. I wouldn’t consider this an argument, more my view on things with all due respect. The people in developing countries may not fly as much but because there are more who pollute just through existence. Everyone needs to eat and poop so they need food and toilet paper, etc. And in some countries people still burn wood and coal which is a major contributor to CO2. One can eat less meat but the use more soy means that more woods are being burned for the growth of it like in Brazil. The rich use and abuse more yes, but when the poor have a chance to get rich they would join the club, I think…

      4. I really recommend ‘There is no Planet B’ if you have time to read it. Lots to think about and cause for hope!

  15. Definitely. It amazes me how short sighted so many are as if, just because they won’t see the consequences of their actions, it doesn’t matter that their children and grandchildren will be left with a poisoned planet.

  16. Your son is so cool! I have been meaning to tell you that after reading Where the Crawdads Sing a book I absolutely loved I thought Ingrid must read this! If you lived closer to me I would have bought you a copy and delivered it. Please read it and tel me what you think.

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