Flood #poetry #dVerse

When it rains in my heart 
let the sunshine fill yours
and my heart will be light
in lonely restless hours
and when the sun shines bright on you
I pray for rain to fill my heart
full as a water butt
overflowing a river of love
to flood the space between us.

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Written for dVerse

Laura is hosting Poetics and has asked us to re-interpret traditional Chinese poetry in our own style. I chose Flood by T’ao Chien:

The lingering clouds, rolling, rolling,
And the settled rain, dripping, dripping,
In the Eight Directions—the same dusk.
The level lands—one great river.
Wine I have, wine I have:
Idly I drink at the eastern window.
Longingly—I think of my friends,
But neither boat nor carriage comes.

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  1. This is absolutely breathtaking, Ingrid! Woww! The poem in its entirety truly feels like the heart opening itself to love and being loved. 💝💝

  2. I love the benevolence flowing from the speaker towards their loved one(s) and the desperate need to close that gap between them. Beautifully done, Ingrid.

  3. This made me think of a line from a Swedish folk song “and the tears are mine when you’re crying”

    Really beautiful written! 💖

  4. Sweet love song Ingrid, just melted my heart. Beautiful the imagery of rain and light, of water and space, and love flooding through all.

  5. I love the idea of the water filling the space between. I like how you have taken your understanding of the poem and written it so completely again, so differently and yet with the same feelings and depth.

  6. I love the exchange going on in your poem, the give and take, reminding me that we are here to support each other.💞 Nice song selection. A classic!

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