Maypole dance #poetry #earthweal

Take hands with me and dance around the sun,
around the earth, whose wakening has begun,
around the tapestry-beribboned pole
but most of all
take hands with me and dance.

Join hearts with me and sing a song of spring
of flowers bursting forth, of earth’s renewal,
join voices with the chirping birds and bees a-busying
but most of all
join hearts with me and sing.

Change eyes with me: that’s as we fall in love 
we’re falling dizzily and spinning, spinning 
weaving a tousled tale upon the pole
but most of all
we’re giddy in our falling. 

Blessed be the fruit conceived in spring
born to brighten the bleakest, deepest winter
reminding us that spring will come again
and most of all
the rhythm of forever.

© Experimentsinfiction 2021, All Rights Reserved

Written for earthweal

Sarah Connor is hosting earthweal’s weekly challenge, and has asked us to write a poem for Beltane, or May Day. She instructs us to:

think about the joy of the union of the horned god and the goddess. You could think about how opposite energies work together to bring about something new. You can think about the work that goes into fertility – not just those busy bees, but also the planting, watering, fertilising that we do to ensure yield; the energy plants put into their blossom and their fruit; the way a male bird feeds the female as she sits on the eggs; the way a mother cares for her young. You could write about water, essential for life – falling as rain, flowing as river, rolling as the ocean. You could think about fire – the sun itself, giving energy to everything that grows on this planet; the fires that are essential for some seeds to germinate; the fire of inspiration and life that burns inside each one of us.

Whatever you choose to write about, remember that this is a celebration, of new life, of love and of the endless bounty of this planet.

I hope I have done justice to her inspiring prompt!

On the subject of May Day, don’t forget I’m hosting a Sonnet Sunday on 2nd May with the theme of Mayday. Hope to see you there!

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  1. I was so tempted to write a maypole poem, Ingrid, and I’m glad I didn’t as yours is so lyrical and joyful. Yes, I would love to take hands with you and dance around the sun and earth! You’ve written about everything Sarah asked for, even captured the spirit of love in the lines:
    ‘Change eyes with me: that’s as we fall in love
    we’re falling dizzily and spinning, spinning
    weaving a tousled tale upon the pole’.
    A lovely birthday song for Sarah!

  2. Lovely dance of words, Ingrid. I enjoyed the idea that we can exchange eyes, and the reminder that those conceived now will provide the much needed joy of next winter. Wishing we could join in the usually Frühlingsfest.

    1. I have tried to comment on both of your poems Brendan but my comments don’t seem to be going through, or perhaps are stuck in spam…

      1. Sorry Ingrid — Your comments were in a spam folder, along with a few others today. I have no idea why they bounced, but I’m also starting to see ads on my freebie WordPress site. I’ll keep my eye on the spam folder going forward.

  3. I love “join hearts with me and sing” and “the rhythm of forever.” With the abundant beauty of spring, one cant help but think of forever, the earth renewing herself every spring. I love the sound of sonnet Sunday…….Very cool.

  4. What a gorgeous poem, Ingrid! Love the last line,”the rhythm of forever.” Seasons came and went before we were born and hopefully will continue to do so long after we are gone. Have a wonderful day! <3

  5. I do like spring fruit. Ingrid, when I try to get to your page off the link it says the page is not found. That has happened several time. After you stop by my place, I find your post.

  6. This is lovely and I can imagine the whole experience, you enticed me in and I couldn’t stop reading. The peom is beautiful with happy vibes and brings joy just to read. Thank you, I have really enjoyed reading and I am in a happier mood for doing so.

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