Puente/Bridge #poetry #dVerse

Feelings well, and who can tell
if they will stay, or leave us
impetuous, we try our best
to bridge the space between us

~ Hacemos un puente pues ~

Emotions flow, and who can know
if ever they will return
to what they were, or if they are
a bridge forever burnt.

© Experimentsinfiction 2021, All Rights Reserved

Written for dVerse

Merril is hosting Poetics, and wants us to write either a poem about bridges, or a poem in the puente form. I hope I have followed the form correctly. My ‘bridge’ sentence is Spanish for ‘let’s make a bridge then.’ I wanted to write the second half in Spanish, but, not being a native speaker, I couldn’t get it to sound right. So I tried to look at aspects of a relationship viewed from two different sides of a bridge instead. If this is not a true puente then at least I have answered the prompt by writing about bridges!

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  1. I love how you wrote your bridge in Spanish, and the two views was really well reflected in that image with a bridge not connecting anything but water. Maybe we can be stranded on a bridge leading nowhere.

  2. I love the way you took this prompt into your heart, Ingrid, and explored not only the meaning but also emotion in ‘let’s make a bridge then’, used the Spanish phrase as your bridge, and wrote about a relationship from two different sides. You made great use of internal rhyme in the opening lines of the stanzas, and I love the play on the word flow in the opening line of the final stanza: emotions flowing under the bridge.

  3. I love how you used the Spanish phrase to emphasize building a bridge between us. It’s like the opposite of our former twice-impeached president who only wanted to build a wall (and walls) between people.

  4. Gorgeousness!! 😍😍 I so love the use of internal rhyme in this poem and the way you have woven the significance of building, maintaining bridges (we both incorporated Spanish haha) it leaves a huge impact on the person reading it 💝

  5. Ingrid I like the wordplay in this, like the bridge in Spanish, and like what sounds like a dialogue with someone you care very much about. The image you chose is so beautiful! Love the colors in it and how something that might have been abandoned is now put to good use.

  6. This is fantastic and I can resonate a lot with this piece. Things change and as much as we’d like to return to how something once was, sometimes it’s better off, as you say, to cut the ties and not return back. At times, it’s a choice. At times, it’s the only option we have. What a strong and powerful statement. <3

  7. I admire how this mimics the ebb and flow of emotions. I find that we can burn our bridges and move on, but they will forever haunt our memories. Enjoyed your puente poem tonight.

  8. This is SO good. Perfect meter, perfect rhyme, nailed the form, and of course the imagery and emotion. Beautiful effort.

  9. We are always hopeful, building those bridges. The Spanish in the center is just right. Our languages may differ, but our yearnings are the same. (K)

  10. I really enjoyed the brevity and rhythms in this. For some reason I read your last word “burnt” as “burned” because it had better internal rhyme.

    1. Thanks Glenn. I wanted ‘burnt’ as past participle to express finality. I don’t think it’s used that way in American English.

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