Mayday Sonnet Sunday #1: Another Planet Down

The celestial Mayday call rings out
‘Emergency! Another planet down!’
Among the galaxies, the angels shout
while gods look on, amused, none too forlorn:

‘One more intelligent species fails the test
determined upon its own destruction: 
one day we’ll make one wiser than the rest 
with power to prevent its own extinction.’

Another planet down, a record scrubbed
from off the intergalactic league table;
another vacuous race untimely dubbed
autonomous and indestructible: 

Fools such as these play dice with their own lands
while gods roll planets, dice-like, in their hands.

© Experimentsinfiction 2021, All Rights Reserved

Welcome to another Sonnet Sunday. This time we are writing sonnets on the theme of Mayday. I will be posting regularly throughout the day. To join in, link up a sonnet below, or share on Twitter with the hashtag #SonnetSunday tagging @Experimentsinfc.

I am sharing this sonnet with earthweal’s open link weekend. The featured image is from Jerusalem The Emanation of the Giant Albion by William Blake, taken from The William Blake Archive (public domain).

13 thoughts on “Mayday Sonnet Sunday #1: Another Planet Down

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    1. Thank you Kim for this lovely contribution! I am on my phone and for some reason it won’t let me comment so I will comment when I get home. Happy Sonnet Sunday! 🐝

  1. Homo sapiens believes that sentient life’s a great idea, but I don’t think the tides of life agree. And I think you’re life — the galaxy is littered with burnt out sentient civilizations in planetary waste. – B

  2. A great sonnet Ingrid. Isaac Asimov wrote a story on that theme half a century ago. It was called something like “Silly Fools”

  3. Hopefully, we are not too smart for our own good. Wisdom we can use more of.
    Excellent work, Ingrid. I thoroughly enjoy your writing with the images you select. Bravo!

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