Serpentine – #poem in Visual Verse

Serpentine, I’d like to make you mine:
you shouldn’t wonder
would I pull you under?
Just take it slow
my waters flow like wine…

Poem Published in Visual Verse!

You can read the full poem here. It is an honour to be included in this online publication, alongside such talented writers as Jane Dougherty, Kim Russell and Misky Braendelholm. Visual Verse publishes a new ekphrastic prompt every month, and you have no more than one hour to write your response.

I have always struggled with ekphrastic in the past, so I am very glad to have an ekphrastic poem accepted for publication. Perhaps I’ll persevere and try some more! The whole publication is well worth reading, and submissions are open from the 1st- 15th of each month.

A brief update

As regular readers will be aware, I am busy editing The Anthropocene Hymnal at present, and preparing the manuscript for publication. I am also thrilled to have joined the team at dVerse Poets’ Pub. These are two serious commitments, so please don’t be offended if I am unable to read and comment to my usual extent. I will always read and comment on poems shared with dVerse, but I might not have time to read as much outside of this forum. Do join us at the bar every Monday, Tuesday and Friday from 3pm EST for some fantastic and challenging poetry prompts!

28 thoughts on “Serpentine – #poem in Visual Verse

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  1. A wondrous piece of fantasy … and congratulation … wow.. I’ve tried a few times with Visual Verse, but with no success ..

      1. After rejection from Visual Verse I submit them elsewhere and the piece gets accepted !! .. so not too fussed with Visual Verse anymore …. ??

      2. It all depends on what the editor has in mind I suppose. I am learning this perspective as I work on the Anthology!

  2. 💗 Ingrid💗
    Congratulations this is just awesome and makes me wish I had more time to play in this arena. This was such a fun poem but I’m not too trusting of the this guy not pulling one under.
    No offense taken…. you have a lot on your plate❣️

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