Letting go? #poetry #dVerse

“I wish I knew how to quit you,” but I can’t
you’re like a drug, your voice
calls out to me like wine
your eyes are opiate
I’m falling.

I wish I knew how to give you up
you can stub out a cigarette
put the bottle down
check into rehab
go cold turkey.

There is no rehab for this thing I’ve got
they say I’m lovestruck, singing
to myself, I can’t put down
the phone, can’t walk out
(Please just call me!)

I wish I knew how to quit you, but
I’d sooner quit myself, and
there’s the problem
I need to let go of
this bad thing.

I take a walk along the strand
waves lap the beach
surge on the sand
then quit before

Now I know how to quit you: just like this
I pause, draw breath (I can’t)
forget that kiss
a song of love
is over.

Meanwhile, somewhere out to sea, the wind sings stories of her long lost lover…

© Experimentsinfiction 2021, All Rights Reserved

Written for dVerse

Mish is hosting Poetics, and has given us a choice of many classic lines from movies around which to compose a poem. It was really difficult to choose, as I’m a big film fan.

I chose “I wish I knew how to quit you” from Brokeback Mountain, 2005, but I might have to return to this prompt later in the week.

Join us for some more movie-inspired poetry from 3pm EST…

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  1. Another poem that should be a song, Ingrid! I love that you started with the movie quote, where it took you, and the fantastic ending (as a song, it would end with the singer speaking the words). I especially love these lines:
    ‘I take a walk along the strand
    waves lap the beach
    surge on the sand
    then quit before

  2. Ah yes….the words of a person absolutely smitten with another. And these words
    “I’d sooner quit myself, and
    there’s the problem
    I need to let go of
    this bad thing.” tell us yes, it’s time to quit this person for the sake of oneself. Still, as hard as stopping the tide from coming in and out.
    Well done!
    PS: I agree with you……I’ve bookmarked this prompt and expect I’ll use it for some future OLN posts!
    Two lines I would have included in the list:
    “Play it again, Sam” from Casablanca and
    “I’ll have what she’s having” from When Harry Met Sally. Not that these lines would go well in a poem…just two of my favorites that make me smile. 🙂

  3. Oh my aching heart this is absolutely stunning- in both imagery and depth 💝 It is indeed difficult to let go, as I have experienced first hand last year.. but once we do, we hold hands with personal growth instead. Especially like; “I take a walk along the strand waves lap the beach surge on the sand then quit before receding.” 💝

  4. There should be a rehab for love. I enjoyed the references and comparisons you made. The last stanza of self discovery in the end is breathtaking….aww, yes, literally.

    1. Thank you Mish! I don’t know if it’s possible to rehabilitate from such a condition but if we find some love for ourselves along the way then that’s a good thing 😊

  5. Such a plaintive write. It is unbelievably hard to extricate one’s self from a toxic relationship.

  6. Well it is a hard thing to quit over the beloved (rightly or wrongly). It is a like a drug or a habit long formed over the years. Still, the most important thing is oneself. Good one Ingrid.

  7. Your poem is so relatable as it is often a struggle to let certain relationships end even though we know they are toxic. We tend to let go in inches, like the waves receding from the shore. Taking that pause and deep breath is key! 💝

  8. I love the physical structure of the poem which, when turned on its side looks like a EKG of a heartbeat. Great comparison of some loves in our lives that are addictions we have to make ourselves turn away from. Throw the film in the fire and stop playing the reels.

  9. Sometimes it’s people we can’t quit; sometimes activities, or thoughts/hopes/ places, etc etc. You nailed this one Ingrid. Congrats.

  10. I like the shape and rhythm of this. It speaks of the magnetic pull of attraction, the tension of pull and push.

    I am wondering if the first line of the last stanza has a typo or if you meant it this way,
    “Now I know how quit you: just like this” – Please don’t take any offense. I am sharing this to be supportive of what you want to express. Did you mean, Now I know how to quit you?

    I always enjoy your poems. Keep on sharing your voice.

    1. Oh thank you Ali! Sometimes I miss these even when I read through because I know what it should say and believe it says that. Should’ve run a check on it! Pleased you enjoyed anyway 😊

      1. I can’t help but notice. It is just the way my brain is. Happy to be of service.
        It didn’t stop me from enjoying your poem and I noticed it stop anyone else either.

  11. I love it when a typo slips past us, and is gently pointed out by another.. Part of the issue is the speed in which we respond to the prompt. I can never log in before one to two hours of prep and editing. “There should be a Rehab for Love”…amen.

    1. I should’ve run it through my grammar checker because sometimes my brain just assumes it’s right even on a re-read. Thanks Glenn 😊

  12. forget that kiss
    a song of love is over

    How tragic to love alone. Beautiful shot Ingrid! Love the repetition of the quote (even though changed a little) it gives it the perfect impact!


  13. Torn and tormented. Falling for the wrong person. Poetry that tells it like it is.

    1. When a relationship is so toxic it means physical harm and a total lack of respect, we must learn to let go. My poem was more about letting go of something that might be inappropriate, but not necessarily toxic.

  14. What a way with words. When you described giving up terrible habits, stubbing out a cig or putting down the bottle, it was actually inspiring to me. I am quite a novice with poetry but I am not a novice when it comes to toxic relationships. It is almost crazy the blinders you can have on that prevent you from seeing your escape route.

    Please keep writing more!

  15. First of all I want to confess that I’m out of words to appreciate you for writing this. So I’ll say you what happened here. Generally I like posts after reading them fully. But this post was something special! I liked at the very first stanza! They way you started, continued and ended all are soo beautifull and it was a very good experience reading this piece. Thanks for that!!!

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