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“Everything the light touches is our kingdom” but
we don’t see it, therein lies the problem:
we want to call a certain patch of land “ours”
so we can keep it, and
a certain group of people “ours”
so we can disregard all of the others, and
the planet “ours”
so we don’t have to pay attention to
the other species
it’s too late
they’ve all died out
there’s nothing left, even to feed us
everything the light touches
turned to darkness
burned to ash
fossil fuels
to our

Everything the light touches
is our inheritance, and the inheritance of
every living creature on this earth
which we should cherish
with a light touch
for not only our homes, our lands,
even our continents
are truly ours, but this whole earth
is every creature’s sanctuary, and
each and every one of us
a cosmic refugee.

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Written for dVerse

Another post inspired by Mish’s Poetics prompt, in which she asked us to incorporate a famous movie quote into our poetry. This time I’ve chosen “Everything the light touches is our kingdom.” from The Lion King, 1994. I am sharing with Open Link Night, and also with earthweal for Brendan’s sanctuary challenge. I’ve been thinking a lot about this subject as I prepare The Anthropocene Hymnal for publication.

And here’s my favourite song from the movie. A bit cheesy I know, but I can’t help it, I feel the love!

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    1. Unfortunately it is at the moment. All this Facebook and Instagram selfie culture probably don’t help, but the politicians love it because we’re so divided they can do whatever they like knowing we won’t fight back!

  1. An excellent message, and use of the quote. Global warming, gun control, immigration, and civil rights–all glaring problems that we, through our Congress, are not addressing adequately. Dark money and cheesy politicians rule. We have to concentrate on those anti-vaccine folks first; sigh.

    1. I just said in my comment to Björn: rampant individualism/divide and conquer politics is giving way too much power to dangerous politicians.

  2. An all-encompassing pro-social message, smoothly delivered, that so many of us just don’t seem to get. I don’t know why, it being so self-evident & all… Great stuff, Ingrid.

  3. Every animal has a territory, but humans want the whole planet, the universe and beyond! It has to be one of the worst traits humans have, the one that causes wars, hunger and all the evil in the world, and you’ve summed it up succinctly in this poem, Ingrid. I love the ‘light touch’ of the second stanza. If only…

  4. Poignant and beautiful Ingrid. A warm embrace. Many of the first people of North America had specific places they would occupy, many were nomadic, following the seasons or try herds. Most all considered the idea of ownership of a part of the earth a very foreign idea. They were aware that it was shared with all living things.The Europeans rolled in and that beautiful idea got trampled, along with idea of living in balance with the earth.

    1. This makes me think of Pochontas: ‘You think you own whatever land you land on…’ I know it’s rich coming from Disney but it’s a good song. There’s also Randy Newman’s ‘The Great Nations of Europe’ which says it pretty well…

  5. Wow! This is timely, though it has never been not timely. Somewhere someone is always owning that “light”. Brimming with wisdom here, Ingrid. That closing phrase echoes loudly.

    1. Thank you. If we could only visualise the earth as it really is, our life raft floating through the vastness of space, perhaps we’d take better care of it.

  6. Loving the beautiful way you weave this inspiring and captivating quote into your poem multiple times! Each new line adopts on a new meaning while also returning to former words as a way to draw in and bind together the message.

  7. I like your use of the word inheritance and how it really ties what happens to the earth to our legacy and treatment of the planet. Cosmic refugees, has such a great sound to it. We are blessed with this planet of life-giving light.

  8. “this whole earth
    is every creature’s sanctuary, and
    each and every one of us
    a cosmic refugee.”

    A perfect view.

      1. Exactly. Well said. And your Anthropocene Hymnal sounds fascinating. I am sorry I missed the call.

  9. but this whole earth
    is every creature’s sanctuary

    This sums it all Ingrid. The right not to divorce it from every living creature’s reach. Great writing!


  10. Biggest human mistake, thinking light can be owned and wielded. Your final line reminds us that all of earth is sanctuary from cosmic malice. -b

  11. There’s nothing wrong with feeling the love. Nicely said, Ingrid.
    I haven’t see The Lion King since my kids were young, but a few years ago, our younger daughter directed a middle-school production of The Lion King, Jr. It was very bare bones, but still surprisingly moving.

  12. it seems we bipeds then offer a corollary – ‘and every light place we touch, we turn to darkness’.

  13. wow such a powerful msg, so fluently articulated!

    We are indeed all cosmic refugees … that levels us out. We must be inclusive as exclusivity has not healed us … love ELton!

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