Cats #poetry #earthweal

So in-the-moment 
from the day that they are born
purring in harmony with the deep hum
of existence. 

Cold and calculating killers, cruel even
toying with their prey
but it’s only nature’s way
of keeping them sharp.

They never give themselves away
but only lend themselves 
at their convenience.

There is nothing I admire more
in cats
than their fierce undying 
independence of spirit
which they carry with them through their
lives until

recognising it’s time to quit, they
go somewhere quiet, and
curling up into a ball
without making any
fuss at all

Β© Experimentsinfiction 2021, All Rights Reserved

Dedicated to my cat

Don’t worry, Freddie Fluffballs (pictured) is still very much alive and kicking! But I have had many cats in my lifetime, and I am interested in the lessons they can teach us about life and death. For cats, death seems like a private affair: they accept it, and go off somewhere by themselves to die, with more of resignation than fear. They seem very good at finding peace with the cycles of life. And of course their purring is so very therapeutic!

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  1. Freddie Fluffballs is very handsome–as I expect he knows. Ricky the Cat is waiting for dinner. Our Mickey was very independent, but Ricky is my cuddle puss. 😏 He follows me all over the house.

  2. You have captured their essence and way of being quite nicely. Your Freddy looks like he is enthralled by something. I do not have any cats, but my daughter has two. They are entertaining and have such distinct personalities. 🐱🐱

  3. All of that and impeccable grace, too. If only the form and function of a poem had the same poise as cats. We only have four of them and are poor in our responsibilities. What’s the saying? Dogs have owners, cats have staff.

  4. oh that cute Freddie looks like he has adapted. I’m seeing more dead birds than I like and here I save them from the coyotes.. what’s wrong with them❣️❣️

    1. Nature, red in tooth and claw! I hate when they play with their prey though 😳 Freddie has definitely adapted: his stomach is the way to his heart 😻

      1. totally!!! Said so well! I’ve just reaquinted with my “innocent little” hunters just now. Star stayed out 6 hours and didn’t come home for my daughter but lucky me… love still leads her heartπŸ’–

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