The song of ‘I still love you’ #poetry #dVerse

I moved a thousand miles away
but I still love you;
no longer think about you night and day
but I still love you.

You fell in love with someone else
and I still loved you
the distance, and the heartache like a dance
where I still love you.

I wake up in the morning from a dream
of I-still-love-you
and all the stars morning stars agleam
with I-still-love you;

and it doesn’t cause me any pain
that I still love you
nor do I have a thing to gain
from I-still-love-you.

There’s really nothing more to say:
a stubborn thing this love is;
I just wanted you to know, in reading this
that I still love you.

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A poem using epiphora

Tonight, Laura is hosting ‘Meeting the Bar,’ and has asked for a poem using epiphora, meaning ‘consecutive end line repeats’ within the poem. As she explains ‘The repeated final words of epiphora are either exactly the same or sometimes for better effect, varying each time.’ She goes on to point out that:

Epiphora from Greek ‘to turn about/upon’ is used

  • To drive home a point
  • To make the words “catchy” or memorable
  • To express a deeply held belief
  • To convey strong emotion
  • To create a regular rhyme scheme

So today we shall write our poem using any style or meter as long as it contains:1a. Epiphora (aka Epistrophe or Antistrophe ). The repeat lines should for the most part be consecutive although allowances are made for alternates as well as the use of the repeat word with variance. Employ repetitions with the maxim ‘ too often is too heavy’!

Is too often too heavy in this case? Well, as Laura tells us:

Epiphora in medical terms means watery eyes due to excess tear production. So you may like to write a tear-jerker, something sad at least. Its optional!

I think I met the bar on that point, at least!

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  1. What a stubborn love this is, smiles. I like the repetition of your line: I still love you, in every stanza. Well done with the challenge Ingrid.

  2. “he distance, and the heartache like a dance
    where I still love you.”

    gorgeous lines Ingrid – the loved and lost one singing her heart our here (and thus the repetition is a necessary reiterative!)

  3. Well done! This flows nicely and has a nice message that you can love unapologetically, no matter how much time apart or whatever has happened! 💕

      1. no but they;’re the interesting ones, I think, seeing people use that not-so obvious combination.
        I tend to rhyme everything very tightly so it’s nice to see something different.

  4. Against all rhyme, reason, common sense, facts, and everything else, there comes that love that just can’t be shaken loose. Your repetition and its contexts are like the relentlessness of it 🙁

  5. I think love is sometimes like that. It’s not subject to reason, nor can we just turn it off. I loved the repetition in this, Ingrid, and I think it worked without being too much.

  6. This is so beautiful but with that ache, it becomes duller, almost more like a sense of reminder and not so much pain at times (when we recall it but the ache is still dull). That’s what I feel throughout this poem, but it also seems to haunt the narrator in their waking days. Sometimes, love is joy and sometimes, it is pain. You communicate that so well here, Ingrid. My hat is off to you, dear friend! This is a stunning write.

  7. isn’t love just comes back and comes back? the heart’s tug-of-war is captured beautifully here, Ingrid. the surrender in your ending is palpably at peace. defeated by in aching bliss.

  8. Love appreciates love = I love this. Wanted to write love loves love, but i thought that would blur the lines of love.
    Anyway, this comment might be an attempt to use ‘love’ more times than The Beatles, which I love.

  9. Ingrid,
    So beautifully expressive, the repetitions as organically driven as the love that persists! Well done.

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