When poppies whisper…#poetry #poem

Poppies stop me on my way
blazing at the break of day
I stop beyond the shield of trees
where poppies whisper in the breeze.

Though thrifts and meadowsweet are fine
and also sing at morning time
in truth I only stop for these 
poppies, which whisper on the breeze.

While busily the honeybees
light on clover and eglantine
they cannot stir my heart with ease
like these poppies, stirred by the breeze.

Wild oats and barley softly sway
spreading gossip, ‘Sure,’ they say:
‘in springtime meadows such as these
the poppies stole her heart with ease.’

A poppy for a broken heart:
I held the hand you offered me
and I remember days like these
when poppies whisper on the breeze.

© Experimentsinfiction 2021, All Rights Reserved

Written for dVerse

As the poppies looked so lovely when I was out cycling yesterday morning, they inspired me to have another go at Laura’s dVerse prompt. This time I tried to throw in some Symploce as well (repetition at both the start and end of a line.)

Interestingly, I had no idea whether bees like eglantine (aka sweet briar) when I wrote this, I just liked the sound of the word, but it looks as though through serendipity I was right.

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  1. I have not seen a poppy in years, though we used to grow them! This poem brings some vibrant memories to mind and tickles my ears with the things the flowers used to say. Lovely, Ingrid!

  2. Whenever I hear about poppies in a poem I think about Flanders’ field where poppies flew…. and in that last stanza I can imagine a lonely soldier having a quiet moment feeling the breeze.

  3. the poppies are still blooming, hard by the Pacific south of San Francisco – blazes of sherbet, cream, even wine – perhaps they shine for this heart ~

      1. today’s walk had us view San Francisco to the north, including the Bay Bridge that crosses to Oakland, once we passed through the forest of tall Blue Eucalyptus, Monterey Pine, and Monterey Cypress. My sister, a gardener, exclaimed frequently and taught me the names of many flowers. Yes – delightful 🙂

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