All the broken people #poetry #poem

I look at the world, a world
which holds so many broken people
and I cry
because I can’t fix all the broken people,
no, I cannot fix so many,
no matter what different strategies I try.
I see the broken people on tv
my heart splinters into a thousand pieces
broken apart just like they are
because I want to save them and it seems there’s no way to repair 
so much damage 
where to start?

so many broken people
and I want to save them but I do not stand a chance
unless I can first find a way to mend
my own heart.

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Some people say self-care is selfish

But I disagree. Before I started working on my own problems, I would never have dreamed about trying to make a better world for other people. I would give in to despair and say ‘there’s nothing I can do.’ Perhaps there’s not a lot that I can do, but I have a moral responsibility to do what I can, especially as I chose to bring two children into this world.

According to the latest David Attenborough documentary on Netflix, we may have just ten years to save the planet for humanity and for all the creatures with whom we share it. That’s the time it will take for my eldest son to reach adulthood. We can’t leave this to the next generation.

The world is broken, and we all need to do our bit to repair it. Begin by being kind to yourself.

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  1. Oh mend our broken hearts first, and then we’ll see how much we can help … no matter what .. ever little effort is a little step for mankind …

  2. I thoroughly thoroughly agree with you. We can help better if we first sort things out within us. I don’t think that takes long if we prioritise it and take a holistic approach.

  3. So poignant, Ingrid. I had Eleanor Rigby in my head, too.
    Self-care is important, and not at all the same thing as being selfish. We have a broken world with lots of broken people. One person can’t fix everything, but we can all try to help fix something.

  4. Self care is not selfish at all!! And you can’t help every broken person so yeah, what we should work on is ourselves. If everyone works on themselves, the world will be a better place. Beautiful poem ♥

  5. This is it exactly. So many times we metaphorically (or in reality) volunteer to clean other people’s houses, when our own (also not tidy) is the best one to first volunteer to take care of. (I have often been guilty. :)) If we all better took care of ourselves and our own messes, the world would be better taken care of. Easier said than done, but worth the effort. Then again, there is something to be said for looking outside ourselves as well, when we are feeling able. Taking focus off ourselves, truly listening, is important too. Lovely post, Ingrid xoxo

  6. oh sooo true.. and lovely Ingrid❣️

    “so many broken people
    and I want to save them but I do not stand a chance
    unless I can first find a way to mend
    my own heart”

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