‘Barcelona in my dreams’ featured at Spillwords Press

I am excited to announce that my poem ‘Barcelona in my dreams’ is a featured poem at Spillwords Press today. Please head over to Spillwords to read the poem. You can also watch my reading of the poem if you wish. I have described this poem as my ‘unfinished love letter to Barcelona.’ It is unfinished because I could write many more stanzas, and you will notice the published version is slightly different to the reading. That’s because I’m always tweaking it to try and make it better.

I lived in and around Barcelona from April 2016 to February 2019. My second son was born within sight of La Sagrada Família, so I do believe this city will always have a huge place in my heart.

My thanks once again to editor Dagmara and the team at Spillwords Press for their continued support of my work.

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    1. I’m no expert when it comes to poetry but that’s the best one I’ve read. Absolutely amazing and I was walking down those streets with you.

      1. It just captivated me It’s the kind of poem I would like to write but I just haven’t got that in me. It’s beautiful.

      2. Maybe. Maybe but I don’t think so. Think I’m bit too rough around the edges to write anything let me that. But you never know!

  1. Truly delighted by this news, Ingrid! I find unfinished love letters the most powerful and moving of all, as it means the affair is still ongoing and you are still uncovering new delights about your love. <3

  2. Yaaayyyyy!
    Congratulations.. you won… it just gets better and better and I love your voice in reading and your accent too❣️
    “we British are not renowned for being very good at ‘foreign’ accents!” lol

  3. Someday, i hope to visit. In the meantime, your poem is a vivid travel guide. (Messi is my favorite player, as an aside. )

  4. Congratulations Ingrid ! i have been there before. Your poem makes me long to return. Beautifully written

  5. Congratulations, Ingrid. It’s such a rich poem and captures the city so well it’s almost like taking a vacation to read. Have you been to many places in Spain?

    1. Thank you K! I lived in and around Barcelona for 3 years, then 18 months close to Málaga. I visited Madrid briefly as well, but there’s so much more to see!

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