Deep pockets of evil #poetry #earthweal

There are deep pockets of evil in this world
deeper than graves dug to bury
the bodies of indigenous children
assimilated into an early death. 

Deep pockets of evil, deeper than the
hatred which drives a genocide 
or than our shallow willingness
to look the other way.

Deeper than the roots of trees that fall, 
or than the cuts that fell them.
Deeper than an oil well
or than the carbon sinks drained where the trees fell.

Deeper than the Mariana Trench,
the deepest pocket of the deepest ocean;
deeper than corruption’s putrid stench
stuck to the squeakiest clean of politicians.

There are deep pockets of evil
in the cloaks of cloak-and-dagger corporations
who present their friendly faces to the world:
the hard sell of the sea shell.

And deep in the deep pockets of evil you will find
supposed democratic leaders,
pedalling bullshit to blind consumers
while media outlets hoodwink their readers.

There are deep pockets of evil all throughout the earth
there won’t be a hole deep enough to hide 
when the day of reckoning comes
and all their lies split open wide:

wider than the trunk of the last tree downed at Fairy Creek
greater than the sacrifice of life to Markets
there are deep pockets of evil
wherever evil has the deepest pockets.

© Experimentsinfiction 2021, All Rights Reserved

Written for earthweal

Sherry has challenged us this week to write ‘A Prayer for Hard Times.’ But after reading of the mass graves of indigenous children being unearthed in Canada, and the First Nation people being shot dead by police, and the Old Growth forest being destroyed for profit in Fairy Creek, my ‘prayer’ sounds more like a dirge.

Of course, it’s not just Canada: evil seems to surface wherever money and power take hold (which means just about everywhere in today’s world.)

When thinking about direct, non-violent action I could take by way of protest, I think boycotting the big corporations who are fuelling the destruction of our planet could be an effective consumer action. But which ones to boycott? I tried to dredge up some information on ‘the worst corporations for climate impact.’ And surprise, surprise, that information is not offered up on a platter. This Guardian article was interesting, but it’s more than 7 years old!

As a starting point, if you are interested in boycotting those deep pockets of evil, all big corporations have to publish their accounts, and you should be able to find these on their websites. Any corporation which exists primarily to increase profits for shareholders most likely does not have the best interests of the planet at heart.

Of course, we can just continue as blind consumers, but every penny we spend is an investment in one type of future or another. If we care at all, then should start to question where we put our money. It’s not easy, and I find it hard given the stresses and strains of everyday life. But if we don’t start taking action then pretty soon there won’t be any daily life left to get stressed about.

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  1. Ingrid, I felt every line of your poem. Thank you. It is deep and moving. You are onto something about boycotting corporate offenders. I will see what i can find out in my network about that. Bottom line is money is the only thing that speaks to corporations. Some financiers have withdrawn from Teal Jones over Fairy Creek. I also hate how the biggest corporations pay no taxes. That is crazy.

    1. They bear the most responsibility and pay the least. It’s sad to say, but I think direct consumer action can have a much bigger impact than voter action at the moment. Do email me anything you find out if you don’t mind.

  2. Gah. Long comment disappeared. Your poem is very moving and i felt every line. Bless you. You are onto something re boycotting corporate offenders. I will check my network and see who the worst ones are, then share info at earthweal. Money is the only language they speak. Some financiers have withdrawn support of Teal Jones over Fairy Creek, so this is an effective angle to explore.

    1. Thanks Sherry: I got both comments but one needed approval for some reason. It just seems a simple, non-violent way to take action. We’ve all been brought up to be model consumers, after all…

  3. the conundrum – fight from without, or from within. what of the employees of said EvilCorps(es) – can there be change from the inside? how to find them, and convince them to abandon (or at least lessen) their own desire to climb ladders and do the bidding of their overlords?

    to misquote someone famous and probably dead, hate isn’t the opposite of love. indifference is. those grey women and men don’t hate (or much) nature. they are just indifferent to it, which is maddening.

    1. I think they are trapped: they probably have mortgages and college fees and health insurance and to sacrifice all that for the sake of fighting the corporate monster feels like too much. But we’re all consumers and can vote with our wallets to some extent. We should also talk about the choices we make, and why.

  4. Deep deep words, for those deep deep bottomless pockets(arseholes) … and as you know, in the words of Bob Dylan … “Wealth is a filthy rag / So erotic so unpatriotic / So wrapped up in the American flag.”
    … “Don’t matter how much money you got, there’s only two kinds of people: there’s saved people and there’s lost people.”
    .. “All the money you make will never buy back your soul.”

  5. “There are deep pockets of evil all throughout the earth.” Indeed Ingrid. I do admire you talent and your passion. You are fabulous. Thank you for sharing this wonderful poem.

    1. You’re welcome Gabriela, thank you for reading. I can’t do much but can at least add my voice to the voices of dissent!

  6. Yes, all so true. And there is all sorts of evil, and people who think they’re right and even doing good (as some people believed about “Christianizing” indigenous people). . .but there are deep pockets indeed.

  7. I could feel the anger and emotion in each line, along with the shock of the way the world has become. It is very important to take a stand if we want things to change. This is my favorite stanza out of all of them here:

    “And deep in the deep pockets of evil you will find
    supposed democratic leaders,
    pedalling bullshit to blind consumers
    while media outlets hoodwink their readers.”


    Well penned!

  8. We have to start locally with what we actually can change and/or support–like the local farmers market, local business, local laws. Just avoid the big corporations as much as possible. And work for better leadership. It’s daunting. You’ve framed the horror well. (K)

  9. Such extraordinary writing Ingrid so powerfully delivered.
    Sad but your voice helps others speak up, make the calls, do the work that is so needed💖💖

  10. I admire your heart and passion and your ability to direct those traits into poetry that moves your readers at our core and calls us to action. I also appreciate the reminders to be mindful about consumer choices. Excellent work, Ingrid.

      1. It sure does feel like a minefield. Overwhelming at times, including the feeling that our individual choices don’t/won’t amount to much, but I refuse to give into that. Fortunately, people like you and my daughter continue to remind me how important individual choices are. Thank you. 🌻

  11. a powerfully passionate dirge Ingrid, it resonates deeply and I applaud your writing and feel your strong frustrations!

    we used to be able to access all kinds of facts on the net eg that USAs main income comes from sale of WMD, hence as they withdrawn from Afghanistan they start another war with Iran. Next they will train a dissident group [like they did the Taliban], more weapon sales, and so they perpetuate the cycle for their own greed!

    Greed is the bane of society … if we could all just be satisfied with what we have. This desperate need for bigger and better is plain wrong …

    1. Thank you Kate. Have you watched any of Adam Curtis’s documentaries? If not, I recommend them as they go into a lot of depth about this kind of government activity.

      1. sadly I know it goes on, and deeper than you could imagine. I know about multinationals, media moguls and the rest … it would only increase my frustration.

        I do everything possible within my ability as a concerned citizen … but sadly my experience is many want to rant but very few ever take personal responsibility. We know those monsters don’t care, that we need to step up … but ppl still prefer their annual iphone, flash car, trendy wardrobes, etc without thinking of all the harm they create with mindless consumerism.

  12. This is so powerful and clear, your voice strong and true. I am more and more horrified by what we have paid others to do to the planet on our behalf – you are right we do need understand our power as consumers and take note of which future we are buying into.

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