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We went down to the beach this morning 
and you invented a new verb, ‘paradising’
and that’s truly what we were doing
floating on our backs in the temperate blue waters
blue down to bluer green:

And I won’t ruin the moment
but later on I thought about the tourists swimming behind the boom
drifting amongst the flotsam 
used tampons and disposable masks
where children dip their toes in

and I want the children to play 
where the water is clear
and I want to see shoals of fish again
like we didn’t see today:
is it too late to learn a little care
so we can once more hear this
paradise sing?

© Experimentsinfiction 2021, All Rights Reserved

I took some time out…

From book design earlier in the week to take my youngest son to the seaside. We made like the otter in this photo, floating on our backs, or ‘paradising’ as he called it. Which led me to thinking, what can we do to take better care of this earthly paradise, and ensure we preserve it for the natural world?

Sharing with earthweal’s open link weekend. Stay tuned for a special announcement regarding The Anthropocene Hymnal later today…

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    1. Thank you Lorraine. I can’t understand why people still don’t see we need to take care of the earth for future generations!

      1. I know. I feel that people in general are becoming more and more only interested in themselves, though I may be wrong.

      2. Yes, they react to climate change by asking ‘how can I run away from it?’ Instead of caring about the people who can’t 😳

  1. What a delightful moment that must have been. I love the word ‘paradising’. How awful to think of all that filth in the sea. It’s horrible that people have to worry where children swim. We really need to do better.

  2. The deliciousness of paradising on a warm summer’s day contrasted with the mess we make makes us pause for thought. Let’shope we choose the paradise song.

  3. What a lovely float, bobbing on those sweet placental waters. Your son saw it clearly in his joy. We try to mother such things in our poems. – B

  4. What a lovely pic to accompany your beautiful verse! “Paradising”…a word to fall in love with! If only people could learn to fall in love with nature.

  5. Such a beautiful poem Ingrid. The flow and the image you create are superb.
    The rhythm in the beginning:

    “We went down to the beach this morning
    and you invented a new verb, ‘paradising’”

    took me immediately to Jacques Prevert

    Il a mis le lait
    Dans la tasse de café
    Il a mis le sucre
    Dans le café au lait
    Avec la petite cuiller
    Il a tourné

    Excellent work.

  6. Your wants should not be too much to ask. 😢 Pristine beauty interrupted by excess and inconsiderate actions. I know you have been working very hard on your book. Enjoy the process, Ingrid. Can’t wait to see it and read it! You know how much I appreciate your poetic voice and your awareness and willingness to show up and speak up for our planet. This poem and invented word are fantastic! 🌊 💖

  7. Children see so clearly. I love your son’s “paradising”. Sadly we have made a mess of his paradise, but I am glad that it still shines in his eyes. It’s the way children are meant to see the world.

  8. We are a world of consumers and discarders. Until we figure out how to only take what we need and leave as small an imprint as we can the oceans and everything else will be giant garbage cans. But that requires reframing existence away from profit and “growth”.(k)

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