A Garden You Made #poetry #dVerse #earthweal

The world is a garden you made
and we have not proved worthy gardeners
you furnished it with fertile plains
with fresh water and food enough for all
you taught us how to respect balance
we got greedy.

The world is a garden you made
and nature is a give-and-take
there’s a price to pay for every trade
and we’re paying the price of greed
make no mistake.

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Jane Goodall with chimp: via Facebook

We’re all your children, creatures of sea and sky and land
we’ve lost our way
please lead us back to hope again
that we may once again move forward
hand in hand.

The world is a garden you made
our only Eden, worthy paradise
we had no need of any other place
and yet we dreamed of planetary dominion
‘We have higher intelligence-‘
that may be so, but still we have no sense.

For every breath of life on earth’s
a treasure
even as the lion takes her prey
we each one have our measure
we hoard up earthly treasures which
we cannot take away.

The world is a garden you made
you watch us drain and raze and burn it:
do you shed tears? Or shrug us off
and say, ‘this game they chose to play,
though bound to lose it.’

The world is a garden you made
of earthly delights
through 1001 nights
we shared stories of love
looked to the stars above
let’s not forget the world on which we stand
the legacy we leave.

Written for dVerse Poetics and earthweal

For dVerse, we are asked to write a garden poem. Sherry’s challenge over at earthweal is to ‘contemplate the world around us, in our various places on the planet‘ and to be inspired by the activism of Jane Goodall, who:

‘travels 300 days a year, encouraging young people to join Roots and Shoots, her program, now 30 years old, that inspires young people to plant trees and care for the areas in which they live.’

On that note, I’d like to end with an appropriate song, which is one I learned at school:

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  1. Sad but true. Agreed has definitely robbed this world of so much life. If not proven to be good stewards of what we were given dominion over. The cost doesn’t seem to even register as we make decisions. Nice job on your verse and on its message

  2. We became greedy indeed. Very well said, expressed, and beautifully described. We need to go on the right path of respecting nature again, especially with what it brings to us daily to live.

  3. I feel the weight of responsibility with the refrain: The world is a garden you made.

    A reminder to love this one planet: our only Eden, worthy paradise.

  4. Oh this is deeply deeply poignant! I am especially moved by; “For every breath of life on earth’s a treasure even as the lion takes her prey we each one have our measure we hoard up earthly treasures which we cannot take away.”💝💝

    1. Thank you Sanaa: it’s a bit too emotional in parts but I think I’m feeling quite emotional after finishing the book! ❤️

  5. That is so true – sometimes I could cry when I see what damage we are doing in this world – a great reminder to take care of what he gave us

    1. I think the past 3 years have been particularly wild and unpredictable. It’s frightening really how fast everything is changing.

  6. Ingrid, your poem brought tears to my eyes. It reads like a fervent prayer.
    This sticks out to me:
    “there’s a price to pay for every trade”

    1. Thank you Lisa! If you get time to listen to the song, you may cry again! The lyrics are so beautiful and they really tug at my heart strings.

  7. This reminded me a bit of the liturgy of the High Holiday service when we are essentially asking G-d for forgiveness for our sins even though we don’t really deserve it. There is something plaintive and prayer-like about this poem.

    1. It’s from my early school days and based on a hymn, which I added to the post. Definitely prayer like: I think it’s all we have left!

    1. I was thinking of ‘The Arabian Nights’ – I don’t know where that came from, but my thoughts are a bit muddled right now 🤪

  8. So beautiful and glad you are in the garden of my life Ingrid.
    Great song👏👏👏👏👏 for the children.
    Wow, love seeing Jane then and her spirit and beauty of all she stands for still shines through now. 💖💖💖👏

  9. Such a wonderful poem: “Let’s not forget the world on which we stand – the legacy we leave.” Thank you for the strength and hope in this, in times when hope is hard to come by.

    1. Thank you Michele ❤️ I don’t feel it’s very polished as I’m struggling to write in between all the book promotion activities, but it’s certainly heartfelt ❤️

      1. You are welcome. That is the thing about art… it rarely feels “done” to the artist. You did a fine job with this moving piece. The path of an independent artist is not for the unmotivated! 🤗 You are doing great! 💐

  10. I too put quote marks around “higher intelligence”… because if this is higher, we are Icarus and will burn our wings before falling ~

    1. I’m with Monty Python ‘Pray that there’s intelligent life somewhere up in space, ‘cause there’s bugger all down here on earth’ 🤣

  11. I don’t think we can ever have too many reminders about how beautiful our planet is, and how quickly we are losing this garden. One can feel this deeply felt plea–a tiny bit of hope and a call to action.

  12. Amen…and what a garden it is. Full of beauty and life giving energy and humans just destroy it with their greed. A wonderful write Ingrid ☺️🌺

  13. Very thoughtful take Ingrid! There is so much to be thankful for yet we earthlings squandered them off. The repetition accentuated the tragic returns emphasizing the foolishness. Great!


  14. Spectacular Ingrid! I loved this piece so much, and I cried as I read, deeply moved. Damn, how do we get the foolish to listen and hear, to look and see, to understand and cherish. We are screwing up our utopia, and all we give is lip service to change — and some even scoff. If I could, I would turn back the clock, to the time when big oil and big pharma were getting their greedy exploitive footholds — I would climb on my “Chicken Little” soap box, and never come down. I’d be in their face, pleading that they take this journey ahead of them… responsibly, in gratitude for, and in deep respect for this planet that is about to give of itself for their rise to fortune and power. Beseech that they love the earth enough to be true careful stewards. But I fear, even with that, like you so powerfully expressed:
    “We have higher intelligence-
    that may be so, but still we have no sense.”

    1. Thank you Rob. You mustn’t blame yourself. Those big companies were still pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes when I was growing up. I really don’t think they’ll be able to do it for much longer. But bu the time we all start waking up it may be too late.

  15. Really Beautifully written. The lack of love for our world is amazing to me. What a wonderful thing you did with your book. The world is headed towards a bad place by the year 2050, water will be difficult to get in many countries, many coastal cities will be underwater. We are breaking all kind of weather temperatures this year and it is only going to get worse. Air will become to toxic to breath and there will be more sickness. Thank you for what you are doing, awareness is so important.

    1. What worries me is even if we stop now, things will get worse, but we are not stopping. If we carry on on this trajectory the planet will become unlivable.

      1. You are so right. The fires and melting of the glaciers and the fires in the Amazon are all catastrophic events. In Canada two weeks ago it was the hottest ever recorded temperature ever. The whole world is heating up. Unfortunately any major catastrophic event speeds up global warming and increases the damage to our world. I am sorry to get on a tangent. I write about the beauty of our world and the damage to it as well a bit. It is something I think about most days. I hope this becomes something you do every year. Bless you for making a difference. Love ❤️ Joni

  16. This poem made me teary eyed. So much beauty which we show so little care.
    The repetition works wonders. A finely crafted song. Love it! 💖

  17. Fabulous poem Ingrid. I love the sounds and the rhymes like treasure and measure it really pulls the ear into the heart of it it’s just lovely. The sentiment reminds me how tenuous our grass is on earth. It reminds me of the Eagles song the last Resort, “there is no last frontier, we need to make it here.“


  18. The refrain really brings it home that we have not been good stewards of the planet earth and her beautiful garden. We were given a paradise yet we uprooted it’s beauty.

  19. A very heartfelt and timely poem, Ingrid. <3 A beautiful song.

    We have exploited so much of earth's resources. It seems that some people look at nature and all they see is how to turn it into a profit. You have reminded us of the true value of the world around us and how fragile and finite it really is.

    Take care!

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