Chant of the Crickets #poetry #dverse

cricket music
in the morning

soft percussion
gently soothing
rising in volume
with the rising sun
by mid-afternoon
almost unbearable

no shade to hide
nowhere to run
sawing out a warning
its alarming

at the end of day
a storm comes

the sun’s
gone down

this cricket-song
is done

© Experimentsinfiction 2021, All Rights Reserved

Crickets outside my apartment, 9:30 am

Written for dVerse

Tonight, Björn hosts the 10th Anniversary edition of Meeting the Bar, and he has asked us to write a chant poem. I’ve been thinking about writing a cricket poem for a while now. These little creatures form the backdrop to my summer, since we moved to the continental European countryside.

The sound in the morning is meditative and soothing. In the afternoon, it sounds more panicked and urgent. When I am symptomatic for PMDD, I can measure my sound sensitivity by how well I tolerate the cricket-music. It’s not something I grew up with (in England) so I always find it exotic.

On a rapidly-warming planet, I believe their song will become more feverish and urgent. Perhaps we should listen closely to their chant.

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  1. Oh… this is a very intense chant… I can really feel how the first humans tried to mimic the animals… right now in the evening the birds sing like crazy… I wonder why I cannot hear the crickets, maybe it’s a sign of age.

  2. After reading this poem, I feel the chant hammered into me. I can’t forget the sound of the cricket now lol. I usually hear it at night, but it’s always subtle with a few beats of pause. I find it soothing, but I think if I heard it throughout the day, it would annoying. Perhaps, you are right that we should listen closely to what they say. You never know what they might know. Beautifully said. <3

  3. This is gorgeously rendered, Ingrid! 💝 I can truly visualize and hear the sound of crickets outside, and love how you compare it to a “percussion,”.. it does seem that way doesn’t it? Just lovely!

  4. I like the duet you sang with the crickets, Ingrid. I also think you’re right that there song will change as things heat up on the planet.

  5. This made me think of the maddening sound of the cicadas that many have experienced in my part of the world. Well done.

  6. This is fantastic – I so love the cricket music, both words and video. I can imagine it buzzing around me when I read your poem.

  7. Such summer sounds. And so we’ll invoked — the incessant drill of that noise. Sometimes in the bush, the cicadas cause me to cover my ears. I honestly feel they might drive me crazy. But here it is winter – a wet blustery morning. So a real transport to read your poem and eat h your video. 👍👍

  8. This made me smile ☺️ I love that sound. I found myself making the noises chchchch and shshshshsh hop8ng 8 sounded like a cricket!

  9. I like the build up of sound in your words, the increased intensity from dawn before it sooths away into the dusk. The video was amazing. The crickets where my family is from are not that intense in the morning. It’s astounding.

  10. Oh … the crickets didn’t make a sound on my video ..whoops got their high pitched music now … I had to turn my volume right up … winter is reasonably quiet here in Geelong …

  11. This is a fantastic piece, Ingrid. From the title to the rising intensity of their sounds and the creative lines woven throughout. The video is a nice addition to your post. I do enjoy the sounds of summer, but all day is a bit much!

  12. aha! This is a clever take and a testament that onomatopoeia almost always work! the video, it’s icing on the cake. and i love the word: sussurating

  13. Oh my goodness! This piece is brilliant! Love the crescendo and decrescendo and the perfect imitation of sound using only consonants.

    “Sawing out a warning”


    An approaching storm….

    PERFECT! So much pleasure here for the reader’s senses.

    Crickets measuring sound sensitivity. Smiling. Very interesting personal fact.

  14. All told it is such a balanced chant, Ingrid! A build-up which may not be bearable to the ears but may be music to some. Ended nicely as it started!


  15. loved your cricket chant, very clever, and…

    “On a rapidly-warming planet, I believe their song will become more feverish and urgent. Perhaps we should listen closely to their chant.”

    couldn’t agree more

  16. I like what you did here. The flow of the crescendo building into the day and then ebbing away at night has a kind of circle of life feel. Now I want to go out and listen to some crickets. 🙂 Nice work.

  17. I love the poem, and how you hear the changes in their chirping……….likely the heat is distressing them as much as the rest of us…… your notes, too………..When I lived at the farm, I heard crickets – and frogs – but not where I am now.

  18. What lush chitchat sursurration woven by our cricket brethren. Their plenty in Florida seems greatly diminished this summer. – Brendan

  19. I was listening to the beautiful insect chorus today, so different from last year when the cicadias were deafeningly loud here! As I read your lovely poem, I imagined that the sounds I hear are much like those half a world away that inspired you to write the poem. <3 Have a great week!

    1. It has been lovely to hear the different responses from around the world of the sounds we hear in summer! Thank you Cheryl 🙏

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