Take a stand #poetry #dVerse

How long before I take a stand?
Will I be able to withstand
the consequences?

To take a stance is one thing:
strike a pose,
the position

but beware!

In case of trench warfare
you best be damn-sure your
defences are
well planned.

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Written for dVerse

Tonight, Lisa is hosting Quadrille, and has asked us to use the word ‘stand’ in our poems of exactly 44 words. Join in the fun from 3pm EST!

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  1. Well said, Ingrid. It’s always good to have thought out the consequences before taking an absolute, resolute stand. Sometimes, it’s not always safe to. I too adore the wordplay—such a great and powerful piece.

  2. I like how you differentiated between stand and stance. You’re right, the overlords will fight dirty if anyone attempts to thwart them.

  3. I like the questions–making a stand and/or taking a stand. What are the consequences? Some people never think it through.

    We used many of the same words, but differently. 😀

    Coincidentally, I’ve been re-watching Downton Abbey and recently saw some of the trench warfare scenes.

      1. Oh, depends on what you like. It’s kind of a soap opera, but so well done with the upstairs and downstairs staff, starting with the sinking of the Titanic. And it may be worth it just to watch Maggie Smith. 😀

  4. I like the comparisons between “stance” and “stand”. Good point! Going all in is risky but can sure pay off sometimes.

  5. There’s a very nice rythm and flow to your Quadrille.
    This part made me smile:
    “strike a pose,
    the position”

    The word trench war always makes me think of the book, All Quiet on the Western Front.

  6. Stand vs stance is truly something different. The poem could have so many different applications as well, we have to guard our hearts at times and take a stand for ourselves! 💓

  7. If we are fighting for mother earth, I will be there with you Ingrid, shoulder to shoulder. Take no prisoners! 😠 I put down my arms to write my piece for today’s prompt. Went back to the peace and beauty of my old growth forest.
    But I will again be at answer to the call tomorrow! 👊🏼✊🏼

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