The fire in the sky #poetry #earthweal

There’s fire in the sky:
it’s from the Hindenburg
at the dawning of modernity
36 souls
ascend to heaven 
as the airship
plummets towards earth.

There’s fire in the sky
from all the victims
of the Holocaust
6 million lives 
sons, daughters, husbands, wives
all murdered in a failed attempt to erase
an entire race.

There’s fire in the sky
above Hiroshima
80,000 dead
in one instant
and thousands more to follow:
in Nagasaki too
the sky’s on fire.

There’s fire in the sky:
napalm dropped over Vietnam
the death toll rises as
the human race becomes
a race to win
the most land
by the greatest disregard for life.

There’s fire in the sky
where the two planes
crashed into the Twin Towers
in the name of God
alone knows what
3000 lives and more are lost:
smoke ascends heavenward.

There’s fire in the sky
‘The War on Terror’
is what the politicians call it
which sounds much better than
‘War is big money nowadays’
let’s wage war on an ideology:
make sure the bad guys get it.

There’s fire in the sky
from Grenfell Tower
from the riots, Black Lives Matter
from the Port at Beirut, Lebanon:
there’s fire in the street
from worldwide inequality
run wild

There was a fire, once upon a time
at Chixilub, in Mexico
caused by a meteor
marking a boundary:
death of the dinosaurs and  
all the sky on fire.

There’s fire in the sky:
it’s the whole earth now
the flames lick hungry at our door, for
even the earth won’t brook
such inequality
we call it the ‘Anthropocene,’ in an attempt to tame it:
but all names lose their meaning
when there’s no-one left to hear.

© 2020 All Rights Reserved.

Revisiting an old poem for earthweal

I wrote this last time the earth was on fire, around this time last year. I’m on vacation this week, but when I saw Brendan’s call for ‘truth in a world on fire,’ I felt I had to answer. I might be a little slow in reading and replying to comments, but I’ll catch up as and when I can. I hope you are all safe wherever you find yourself on earth right now.

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  1. Such a harsh and bitter reality. I was just watching the news, and they showed what climate change has done in just the last 30-40 days. Watching it was truly scary and really put things into perspective.
    Wonderfully written, Ingrid!

  2. Oh wow, this poem could not be more perfect for the prompt. Powerful truth, Ingrid. Really has an impact on the reader. FINALLY today on the news, the reporters have become aware that the climate is in crisis. Next, may governments open their ears and their minds.

  3. We humans like — prefer — need to move the rabbit ears around until the picture is the one which provides the most pleasure; given that proclivity, bodies of evidence are its only cure, like all the worrisome times a chunk of cake or shot of booze sufficed. This world afire — this awesome weave of Holocausts (well done) — began with the salvation of fire, its holy warmth and culinary clout. What plenty it affords. A perverse logic when there’s nothing left to savor. Amen. – Brendan

  4. wow such powerful wake up words of truth delivered Ingrid in such poetic style and flair.
    With hope for a better tomorrow.

    Perhaps they’ll listen now.

    ” all names lose their meaning
    when there’s no-one left to hear.”


  5. You have captured the chaos throughout time. The use of repetition works wonders to stress the importance of your message. Thought provoking piece of writing.

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