My reading of ‘Jellyfish Jam’ from The Anthropocene Hymnal

Today, I’m reading another of my poems from The Anthropocene Hymnal which, though lighthearted in tone, carries a serious message. This poem was originally inspired by the earthweal challenge ‘Already Dead,’ and tonight I’m sharing with dVerse Open Link Night. It’s the live event, so I’ll be reading my poem alongside other poets. All are welcome, and the bar opens from 3pm EST: hope to see you there!

The featured image is of a jellyfish I took at San Simon beach in Izola, Slovenia. The sea bed is fascinating here as it is formed of tilted sedimentary rock. I applied an Instagram filter for the blue colour effect.

Anthropocene Hymnal
Now available from Amazon! I will be donating my royalties to WWF.

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  1. Incredibly immersing and I love how you read this, Ingrid. It brings chills especially with the repetition of “I already am dead” at the end.

  2. Oh gosh this is incredibly mesmerizing, Ingrid! I so enjoyed hearing you read this one 💝 Congratulations once again on the release of your book!!

  3. it seems almost as simple as a children’s story but that’s deceptive–it’s no more simple than the action of cells when they become corrupted.

  4. It is such a wonderful experience to hear a sweet voice, Ingrid, in this voiceless postings that we have all these while. Charmingly delivered Ma’am!


  5. Ingrid, I really enjoyed your reading of Jellyfish Jam. <3 The photo is gorgeous! I would hate a world without jellyfish! When wild creatures start to disappear, it is a warning similar to the canary in the coalmine! Thank you again for publishing the anthology.

    Have a great weekend! <3

    1. At the moment, they are blooming where we live, which is a warning that the fish are dying. I am frightened to think of the dying ocean. Thank you for listening Cheryl ❤️

  6. There’s always a quality to the singsong meter you use here that makes me think of childhood chants, jumprope rhymes, and other ways that poetry creeps out of us when least expected. This is quite sophisticated under the hood, full of thorny and unwholesome debris that the jammy sweetness disguises only temporarily. Enjoyed it.

  7. Interesting what brings a tear to the eye… very gripping in the simple truth, flèched to the heart in honed simple language! Excellent Ingrid! Hope you are feeling better my friend… love the lace. 🙂

  8. What a joy to hear and watch you read your wonderful jelly fish jam poem Ingrid and LOVE your new dew .. you’re looking gorgeous. It’s sad to see the waters polluted and the bloom as we mourn our sea life. 💖❣️

  9. I loved to hear you read this live, and your reading is perfect. So many thoughts I get from this poem, the increased water temperatures and overfishing bringing more jellyfish… the polyurethane line made me think of the plastic waste in the ocean.

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