The Dead Sea Scrolls #poetry #earthweal

The dead sea scrolls
back over barren rock
a blue lagoon, apparent paradise
below the waves a lack

alack, alas the day,
the sea falls empty
echoes of remembered whalesong
whisper back.

The dead sea scrolls
back through the pages
of an ancient book
to find a revelation

St John the Divine
Four horsemen
and all the pigeons coming home to roost
in human filth
our legacy
a wreck.

ยฉ 2021 All Rights Reserved.

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  1. I love “echoes of remembered whalesong whisper back”. And now – whales swimming through and ingesting plastic, surely the worst invention ever.

  2. A lovely, poignant poem and gorgeous photo, Ingrid. <3 Natural beauty deserves to be preserved.

    Red tide scrolls on the Gulf Coast of Florida, bringing toxic algal blooms and the stench of dead fish. Red tide is a neurotoxin that can make people sick. This is a manmade disaster that will cost a great deal to rectify. During the hurricane season, polluted water is released into rivers to relieve pressure on the aging earthen dykes.This nutrient rich water causes toxic blue-green algae to grow in the rivers and toxic red tides to bloom in the Gulf. We need to clean and release excess lake water into the Everglades where it belongs and is desperately needed.

    Thank you, Ingrid for fighting for the environment. <3 Have a great week!

  3. the sea from the edge looks so beautiful Ingrid but so said to know what goes on in deep waters Ingrid and pockets. ”
    alack, alas the day
    the sea falls empty
    echoes of remembered whalesong
    whisper back”

  4. That ending. It’s an awakening indeed. We need to do more. Without the sea and the whales and all the life there we are NADA. We need to awake or else…

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