Th’affrighted globe #soliloquy #dVerse

“Methinks it should be now a huge eclipse
Of sun and moon, and that th’affrighted globe
Should yawn at alteration”
– Shakespeare, Othello 5.2.98-100.

How much will it take to unblind our eyes
to our fate, and the fate of every soul
with whom we share this lush and bounteous earth?
‘T’affrighted globe’ tilts on its axis, rain
falls on the Greenland summit, for the first
time in recorded history and yet
how easily we look the other way.
I talk as if to a wide audience
but I should ask these questions of myself:
how many more times will you fill the tank?
How many plates of meat will you consume
and claim that you are guiltless: you can
recycle, yes, but if you still send most
of it to landfill what’s the use of trying?
Yet try I must, and I start with myself
each day, I aim for gratitude, for this
unwarranted abundance that I have
while others cling to planes for dear life
or fall to earth and yes, now should be an
eclipse of sun and moon, blotted by smoke
from raging fires over the half-whole earth
or washed away in floods some other place
and yes – oh yes – we all of us should yawn
at alteration, change our ways not out
of fear, but out of all-conquering love
for this dear earth, which is our only home.

© 2021 All Rights Reserved.

Written for dVerse

Tonight, Victoria is guest hosting, and has asked us to try our hand at soliloquy. I looked to Shakespeare, the Master Soliloquist, for inspiration and tried to write in blank verse. The thing I found hardest was to address the writing to myself. Join us at the bar from 3pm E.T. and share your innermost thoughts, should you wish to!

A billion children at ‘extreme risk’ from climate impacts – Unicef | Climate change | The Guardian

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  1. I think rain at the arctic circle has happened always (in summer) it passes through northern Sweden and I have been hiking there many summers, but it is for sure getting warmer and warmer. I think addressing this to self is the actions we can take

  2. Yes for the timely message. I specially like this part best:

    Yet try I must, and I start with myself
    each day, I aim for gratitude, for this
    unwarranted abundance that I have

  3. Sometimes a soliloquy is the quickest way to see change! We should all have a little conversation with ourselves about how we can make a difference and God will hear and point us in the right direction! 💗

  4. Great job on the soliloquy Ingrid and loved your questions and answers to yourself we would all be better off for doing. 💖💖💖 I’m guilty as charged but do try my best! thanks 💖🙏

  5. Beautiful Ingrid. We are running out of water too. Many are not even aware of this. I love that you are working hard to educate the world. Love ❤️ Joni

  6. Somber and worrisome things you say to yourself, Ingrid. All too true …..and well written.

      1. My pleasure Ingrid. Happy belated birthday to your wonderful son. I read the beautiful poem dedicated to him but for some reason I could not leave a comment. I am traveling and I am having network problems. Again happy belated birthday to him 🎂🎈🎉🥰💕

      2. Oh thank you Gabriela 🥰 don’t worry, I had the same problems whilst travelling. Enjoy your travels! ❤️

  7. A timely message, Ingrid–and such an excellent job with the prompt!

    I wonder if Shakespeare’s use of “globe” was a play on words with the Globe Theater?

      1. Interesting. I don’t have a literature background. It just struck me when I read the lines. I imagine there was a lot of political/business stuff going on with the theater–plus, in an echo of current times, closing for the plague.

      2. That’s amazing that the reference speaks over so many centuries. I’ve been in the replica Globe once: it was fascinating, but not very comfortable!

      3. What exciting news Cindy! I bet you can’t wait to have your baby (almost) back home 😅 I get emotional at the thought of mine moving out, and that’s at least 14 years off! 😭😭😭

  8. Ingrid,
    Heartfelt and beautifully expressed! I could hear your voice coming through loud and clear. Passionate and bright.

  9. It was amazing to consider the wisdom on display in Shakespeare’s play, for he was a scholar, not world traveler. He used his abundant imagination. So many things to talk to oneself about, climate change, the plague, the new Civil War, the New Crusades, infrastructure, sex after 70, and on and on.

  10. Ingrid,
    You catch us up in your passion, and your love for the earth in your earnest voice comes through beautifully. Eloquent soliloquy, or “solilo-quoi?”

  11. there is always a lot of talk about the need to empathize with us and thus we would be more supportive, for example. Well, I think people lack empathy with the environment as a whole, from the so-called small slips to the most serious. nothing is by chance.

  12. So wonderfully written, Ingrid. We are all to blame in this, and once we reflect on that, only then will things proceed to change.

  13. Strong Ingrid, strong — and for the sake of our grandchildren, and their children ‘s children — we must never let up! I am becoming distracted some, with increasingly failing health, slowly diminishing memory, burgeoning anger issues, and more frequdnt bouts of depression — but I will continue, until I can’t any longer, bang the drum for this planet. I only hope it is not a dirge I’m pounding.

  14. Powerful stuff, Ingrid. I think you’ve done a marvelous job of turning the lecture onto yourself, making for quite a fine soliloquy indeed. If the goal of a strong soliloquy is the development and insight of character, well, I think you’ve established yourself quite well here!

  15. Our only home. This one. This one: no plan B.
    Last night I featured your book in my once-a-month newsletter. It’s just a dribble in the bucket but I engulfed the letter with hope that it would touch the right hearts. (Linked to Amazon which after all provided me a short link that’s great for short tweets. TY)
    I will do more for your book because every little bit helps. And in helping I’m living. I’m ordering the paperback. Thanks for doing this for us.

    I so resonate with this poem. Thank you sincerely. Be well, Ingrid.

    1. Thank you so much Selma! I really appreciate you making this effort to support the book. How do I read your newsletter? ❤️

  16. So well-put, Ingrid. As a cycling vegetarian with no children, I’m doing the best I can! Love these lines:

    “now should be an
    eclipse of sun and moon, blotted by smoke
    from raging fires over the half-whole earth” <3

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