The Lullaby of Venice #poetry #dVerse

The moon is hung midway in the sky;
it lights on the water
where cradled am I;
gondola-rocked in my lullaby:
The Lullaby of Venice.

The footsteps of tourists have fallen away
as they all tend to do at the end of the day
to their hostels and hotels they’ve wended their way
with nary a cry, only
The Lullaby of Venice

Throw open the shutter and hear the canal
as it slaps on the slab-stones and wishes you well
in the lamplight the Ivy hangs down so to tell
one sweet wish to the well like
The Lullaby of Venice

And this beautiful city, this glittering jewel
is backsliding, subsiding into the lagoon
and I hope it won’t be drowned, and over too soon
by the light of the moon, the lost
Lullaby of Venice.

© 2021 All Rights Reserved.

An oral poem for dVerse

I’m hosting Poetics this evening, and my challenge is to compose a poem orally, as far as possible. Taking part in the challenge myself really made me think about the way I compose. I tend to start with a few lines in my head, then I get them down on paper as quickly as possible, as I’m afraid I’ll lose them. This time I went stanza-by-stanza, speaking the lines out loud before writing them down. I then read the whole poem aloud, tweaking it here and there where I thought it could be improved. It was a really interesting exercise. If you want to take part, the bar opens from 3pm EST.

The poem was inspired by a night spent in Venice back in July. We stayed in Castello, which was beautifully quiet at night, and I was quite enchanted by listening to the sound of the canal and watching the moonlight on the water, as shown at the end of the video.

Funny story: after setting myself the oral poetry challenge, I couldn’t find anywhere quiet enough in my apartment to record the soundtrack. So I shut myself in the wardrobe and did it there! The sound quality still isn’t the best, but my budget won’t stretch to a recording studio just yet…

102 thoughts on “The Lullaby of Venice #poetry #dVerse

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    1. Yes, speak it aloud before writing it down – maybe a stanza at a time if you can’t remember the whole thing. And it doesn’t have to be recorded but it I would prefer it 🙂 more instructions in half an hour…

  1. I enjoyed your reading. And don’t worry about the sound quality. I thought the slight scratchiness in the background added to the atmosphere, like a record player’s scratchiness. It’s a gentle poem, and it felt like a message sent by a dream.

  2. My goodness this is incredibly stunning, Ingrid 😀 I especially love; “Throw open the shutter and hear the canal
    as it slaps on the slab-stones and wishes you well in the lamplight,”.. and that you included a video for us to enjoy! Thank you so much for hosting us tonight! ❤️❤️

  3. Ingrid, I like how you bring the magic of the sounds of water in the quiet of the evening to life here. It is a lullaby! Funny how you had to record in the wardrobe! When you hear mine you might hear Mlady meowing a few times 🙂

  4. I like the meter you use for the first three lines in stanza 2 3 and 4. I can’t remember what it’s called, 12 syllables with four beats. Yes, the water slapping is so evocative of Venice.

  5. Oral poetry comes together for me very differently than simply writing the words in my head. By speaking it aloud as I write, I find myself not having to think and watch the words quietly form their own way. I love that Lullaby of Venice is beautiful in both title and flow!

  6. Wow, that was such a beautiful flowing poem and I loved the repeat and story behind it of reading it aloud. Your picture is captivating too Ingrid.. I do have to visit someday before The Lullaby of Venice drowns. I’ve never been before. 💖💖

  7. This I utterly beautiful.

    So many sentences render vivid visuals, such as;
    “it slaps on the slab-stones”, which is just divine alliteration.

    This poem drapes itself so sweetly in the glow of romance and intrigue.

    1. I just spent a few minutes commenting on your poem, but the comment disappeared! I hope it shows up, as I don’t think I can replicate it 😅

  8. Ideas most of the time escape me when I am on the move. I struggle to type when I am in a vehicle. I would try recording now. Thanks.

  9. Congratulations on your feat. My feet would never walk me into a river of words because I’d be too busy trying not to say um uh well, um no, before catching a fish in my teeth to hold for the tip of my tongue like a bear who doesn’t bear the burden of needing to cook words for a commercial with speaking parts, um, grrr, and I don’t imagine they have bears in Venice because they would sink a gondola before they could speak to the point of how a dentist would perform an oral exam on a bear carrying bearer bonds and a fishy harmonica, so I’m up a canal without a paddle or recorder because I’m not spontaneous even with this which was slow with pauses away from the keyboard.

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